Every single person on this planet needs love. It is a natural thing. And, of course, every ordinary guy wants to fall in love, find a bride, create a family, and live happily together.

Many men say, “I don’t judge by appearance” when it comes to a serious relationship. But, in fact, it matters. That is why even a trashy man wants to bond with the hottest girl on Earth. Obviously, a sexy woman will never be ignored by other men, so such a relationship is likely to be overwhelmed with jealousy. Well, signs of jealousy in a relationship are a big field to dig and deserve separate attention.

Even though the situation has changed for the past 20 years, most men are still not really keen on how they look. Let’s be true, most of us look pretty mediocre. The sad thing is that 4 out of 10 women will not pay attention to a tasteless and poor looking guy. So, how to make a sexy woman pay attention to you?

how to get a girlfriend

What Makes Hot Girls So Intimidating?

Well, before going into a detailed instruction on how to get a girlfriend, let’s think about why we care mostly about hot and good looking ladies.

The reason lays in an average looking guy syndrome. Usually, men have impressive lists of things they want their dream girl to possess. For example, she has to be a good cook, and a kind, sweet, or smart person, have long legs, wear a short dress. Some guys prefer tall brunettes, other like petite blondies. The preferences may differ, but all guys agree that she has to be hot.

The secret is in the human nature. Based on her appearance, our hormones help us choose a perfect woman for reproduction. In his case, her sexuality means she is in her active stage and invites partners to fight for her. What’s more interesting, men desire hot girls even if they are of a jealous type. It is crazy, but they want their women to be hot knowing that other guys will secretly imagine them naked.

Keep in mind that appearance only matters in the very beginning. And after a couple of conversations, it may even lose its importance. Not just for men, or for women – for both of them.

An average-looking guy has all the chances to be with a hot girlfriend. Moreover, there are a lot of couples like this everywhere. Do not go far away, look at people passing you by on the street. On the other hand, there should be something else that a sexy lady likes about her man if not appearance. In many cases, it is money or status.

Are Women Really THAT Focused on Men's Exterior?

It is a popular belief that a couple of two beautiful people is the best option: she looks nice, he looks nice, and their children are extremely cute and stylish. There is also a theory of relative attractiveness describing this phenomenon.

The real truth is the TV and Hollywood impose this stereotype on us. Just look at Pitt and Jolie, for example. With all the harmony, they look somehow too perfect, almost unrealistic, and make people doubt whether normal people can find love. Especially if we think that there are much more beautiful women than men out there. This is why questions like how to get a girlfriend if you are ugly appear.

Well, couples who do not create a visually perfect match, but are true soulmates, seem to be much more interesting and real.

Affection is a really strange thing in which many factors have weight. Actually, if a person can make us feel attracted in different ways (with charisma or humor), we start to see his/her appearance in a positive light. This works with all women actually. Even if she notices your not-so-perfect features, they won’t matter because she can feel attracted in other ways.

Honestly, stop doubting whether you can get a hot girlfriend if you look mediocre. Women put less importance on how a man looks if they feel the strong side. They are also more flexible in their tastes. Very rare men’s appearance becomes a deciding factor for having sex with him. In their world, everything is more about personality, behavior, and interaction.

What Makes an Average Looking Guy Attractive Aside from Looks?

Before looking for ways on how to get a girlfriend if you're fat, shy, have a big nose or crooked teeth, let us show ways in which an average man can be more attractive than a cute guy from a magazine cover.

how do you get a girlfriend if you're shy

Hot guys have shitty personalities

Of course, it is not a rule. Personality does not always depend on the way how a person looks. But, let’s admit, this stereotype from movies has a ground. Very handsome boys often become arrogant and selfish after years of compliments. They spend more time staring at the mirror. No girl will want to have such an experience. Moreover, pretty guys tend to treat women like trash. According to our beautiful female readers, an average-looking man is more likely to treat them right and provide more love and affection.

Serious intentions are attractive

Another issue with hot guys is that they do not perceive a breakup as a loss. We are not even talking about getting married. If you have a perfect appearance you can have more fan-girls - this is how they think. No matter how long some hot guy can date a woman, eventually, he will try to find something “better suited.” Average looking guys, on the other hand, usually mean business.

Handsome guys are too much drama

It is understandable: hotties have a lot of admirers. It may look funny on screen, but in real life, women do not enjoy having rivals and reasons for jealousy. Some usual looking guys can make relationships calm without all a teenage drama.

Hard work is the key

Unfortunately, though the appearance is subjective, nowadays pretty people receive things they need much easier. Whether it is some woman’s attention or anything else. While handsome men know they can easily get what they want, average looking guys work hard on their personality and are more valuable for girls.

Sense of humor and simplicity are important

In this world, it is very important to know how to laugh at yourself. And it is hard to do it when you are too handsome and obsessed with your appearance. Well, that's pitiful, because girls love men who know how to make them laugh, who are just simple and fun. Well, these men are usually average-looking ones. So, if you think over the question of how to get a girlfriend if you're ugly, think about your sense of humor.

How to Get a Hot Girlfriend If You're Average: Professional Tips

And now, let us finally get you some effective tips on how to get a hot girlfriend if your ugly face makes you think that you cannot do it.

Find your style

This one is simple. If you consider yourself to look objectively ugly still thinking about how to get a really hot girlfriend, just try to work on your appearance a little bit. It will not only help you get attention but make you more confident. Get an appropriate hairstyle, go shopping to buy neat and smart clothes. Out advice: purchase a suit, it makes a man sexy. Hot chicks love men in suits.

Become a gentleman

Hot girls enjoy when they are treated properly, like queens. So, work on your manners. Do not try to be like that arrogant charming bad boy in movies. It doesn't work in the real adult world.

Gain a status

It is an understandable tip on how to get a hot girlfriend. A high status makes a man powerful and influential. It also provides respect. Girls, especially hot ones, pay more attention to high-status men.

how to get a hot girlfriend

Go to a gym

Beautiful women enjoy physically attractive men. A good shape is even more important than the man's face. What if you haven't won the perfect body? Well, grab a gym membership and make yourself a stone wall for every hot girl.

Maintain your hygiene

Man's mediocre appearance may not bother a girl at all. But man's bad hygiene will always drive a woman away from him, that's for sure. Especially a hot one. The chick who takes care of herself will definitely expect the same from her man. The rules are clear: brush your teeth, use a deodorant, clip nails, and wash clothes if you wonder how to get a hot girlfriend if you're average.

Upgrade your mind

Smart is a new sexy. Especially for flame-hot girls. Work on your brain and read books. Try to be good at something, and you will charm the hottest woman in the world.

Know your pros and cons

It is understandable – work on your disadvantages, but do not hide your flaws. For example, wear fitting pants if the leg length is not your distinctive features or wear dark clothes if you wish you haven’t eaten so many sandwiches.

Believe in yourself

It may be a difficult step for someone who wonders how do you get a girlfriend if you're shy, but it is possible. Hot girls are usually confident. So be the one yourself. You must believe you deserve the best with any appearance you’ve received from mother-nature.


As have already been told, women love laughing. Some researches say, that 73% of girls care about men having a sense of humor. We can bet that many of them are hot.

Be yourself

Last but not least step in our guide on how to get a hot girlfriend if you're average is just being yourself. No girls love fakes, the hot ones are no exception. Be simple, and the luck will smile to you.

Though appearance matters, what's inside matters more. Because every hot girl is willing to live with a beautiful soul and not just a pretty face. Still, the way you look can be important for a first meeting and a first impression. Whatever you are given naturally, you can still work on it. The God-given appearance is like clay – you can model out whatever you want. Build your style, upgrade your character, and become the best version of yourself and get the hottest woman ever.

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