Every man wants to have a good wife. But how to meet a girl of your dreams and become happy? This question is simple and difficult at the same time. It is difficult because many young (and not only young) men do not understand where to look for her, how to approach, what to say, etc. The simplicity is that after a man establishes a relationship, he understands that there is nothing difficult. You should just want to find one of the Russian women for marriage and move in this direction.


Why you should look for a Russian bride if you want to have a family

Primary qualities of a Russian bride are: the ability to understand, tolerance, kindness, attentiveness, compassion, tactfulness. But let's figure out other qualities Russian beauties have:

  • They are good housewives This refers to their ability to create comfort and to clean a house. No man will withstand a terrible mess. Especially if he used to see how his mother kept the house in order and created comfort every day.
  • They cook delicious meals A wife with the perfect qualities has to cook well. People say that “the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.” And it is true! Most men are hungry and tired when they come home from work and they adore delicious dishes.
  • They are feminine and beautiful Russian girls have always known that the most important thing for men is femininity. Femininity is a combination of such qualities as emotionality, tenderness, fragility, sincerity, fidelity.

Such women always do a manicure, different hairstyles, makeup, etc. Such activities strengthen women's energy, which is transmitted to her man in the form of a good mood.

  • They are good life partners. In order a relationship to be long-term, girls will take care of your pride, will praise you, will be interested in your affairs sincerely, and will always listen to you. They will spend their free time with you and strive for common goals. You may be sure that your second half will always understand and help with advice.
  • They give freedom. A Russian woman understands that her husband has other interests besides her. He has parents, friends, and colleagues who are also an important part of his life. He has different hobbies. So women will not expect a constant attention from you, they will not stop you if you want to go to friends or to the gym. They know that a wife who tries to prevent her man from doing something causes only irritation and the desire to do everything out of protest.

How to find a Russian bride

The problem of many men is that they postpone a new acquaintance and don’t dare to act. Their lives pass the same: work-home, home-work, meetings with friends on weekends. A man may want to find Russian women for dating and get acquainted with them but he is inactive. However, you can meet Russian women in different places like cafes, bars, theaters, parks, and city attractions.

  • . You can go to Russia and find your future wife there. It can be language courses, professional internships, or permanent residency. It means that you will go to the country for a while, get acquainted with women, develop communication with them, and establish relations with that one who is the best for you.
  • Airports, railway stations, foreign hotels, and universities – these are the places where you can meet many of hot Russian brides. But this is a variant for a spontaneous meeting rather than a purposeful one.
  • Dating websites. The World Wide Web has become a great dating club where users have the opportunity to make new acquaintances or where you can find a girl communicating on forums or in social networks, blogs. Dating sites are very popular among Russian girls. They provide men an opportunity to register a profile, look at Russian brides’ photos, and start communication with them.

A good beginning for making an acquaintance with an owner of a profile that attracts you – is a question about her profile: her interests, hobbies, expectations from a partner. Make a compliment on any detail of a profile or the photo. Express your opinion or ask a question. The main thing is to start a conversation with Russian girls who are online and then this communication will be much easier.

In fact, there are a lot of methods how to get acquainted with a Russian woman, and there isn’t a universal pattern for actions. You need to try a variety of options and methods of approaching and you will certainly find the one who may become your destiny. But, as life proves, dating sites are the best way to find Russian women online.

Developing communication with a Russian bride

Be confident

What to talk about with Russian brides? About everything! Communicate with several representatives of the fair sex simultaneously – this will enrich your experience of communication.

how to find a Russian bride

Listen to

Dating with Russian women, don’t think about what to talk about with them – they will tell you everything by themselves. It is their favorite thing – to talk about themselves. Just listen to them, support a conversation with questions so that they see interest in your eyes.

First date

A good virtual communication does not mean that it will continue in everyday life. A first real meeting with a virtual date is a crucial moment that requires preparation. However, you need to remember that in real life it’s much harder to make the impression, so you have to adhere to certain rules.

Dating Russian girls, choose a suitable place in advance where extraneous noise will not prevent your communication. If you like a girl and you want to continue communication with her, offer her a few ideas for later visits. Do not rush her to answer. Give her some time to think.

Be positive

If a girl is tired, then your negative will not please her, but the positive emotions that you give her will carry you away and evoke the desire for further meetings.

Be a man

Do not complain about life, about friends, about work. Always solve your problems and don’t be afraid of responsibility.

Surprise her

Give unusual gifts that a woman hasn’t got yet or hasn’t seen, don’t forget about ordinary flowers that will make her mood better.

The main impression about a person is formed quickly enough, during 20 minutes of conversation, and the continuation of your relationship depends on it. Therefore, try to show your sincere emotions, look into her eyes, behave confidently. Topics for conversation can be thought over in advance. For example, what you have learned from virtual communication can be developed in a subsequent conversation. The main thing is to be at ease and cheerful. It is recommended to avoid such topics as past love, illnesses, failures, problems at work. Call her by name more often - this will help establish a subconscious connection between you.

Places to Find a Russian Bride

Possibilities to find a Russian Bride are endless. Russians are quite friendly people; they like to develop communications outside their cultural group, so women of this cold country tend to travel a lot. In order to answer a question “How to find a Russian girlfriend”, you firstly need to obtain some knowledge of where those beautiful ladies live, have fun, communicate and have rest:

1. Find a Russian wife online. This is, probably, the easiest and the most common way to get to know a woman from Russia. They are outspoken, confident and open to everything new when it comes to a relationship. So, a lot of those women tend to register on dating services and social media. It gives them full disclosure of what they can do and who they can be acquainted with.

finding a Russian wife​

2. How to find a Russian bride? Visit resorts. With Russian climate, single women tend to take a holiday and spend it somewhere abroad. Favorite places to visit are Egypt and Turkey. Here, as a lot of men confess, they can truly admire sun kissed legs of young beautiful women and get to know them is a lot easier than in their usual habitat. There is a high chance you would meet a lovely stranger in a hotel room.

3. Finding a Russian wife is obviously easier when in Russia. On the other hand, Russians are not that big travelers, so unless a woman has extra money to spend it on a good vacation, you should take a situation in your own hands with all of the responsibilities. Not that you are going to visit Russia, pick a random beautiful girl and offer her to move to your country. Russia is a gorgeous country itself. Let yourself a vacation in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, or Sochi. See their culture, walk a bit, try Russian cuisine, and everything else will be found instantly. Russians never walk past interesting foreign strangers. Those women will not be nitpicking or rejecting your offer to meet up, unless they are in a relationships or don’t know English.

4. How to find a Russian bride? Go to a club. Not even to a Russian club. Every big city is flooded with foreigners at night. Chances there will be Slavic women are pretty high because if they are visiting your country, they definitely need to stay somewhere, besides a hotel apartment, of course. This is where you can a Russian bride and even detect her by foreign appearance and new language (which is hard to hear, by the way, because music is pretty loud). Everything else depends on you.

5. Find a wife in a Russian quarter. Most of the big cities like New York have foreign quarters where people of different diaspora live. You can find them near Russian groceries or restaurants dedicated to Russian cuisine. And yes, they are not just for foreigners, Slavics are always devoted to their food, so no worries, you may find at least one beautiful Russian there.

6. Find a Russian woman in the street. They are pretty average pedestrians, just like Chinese or Indian people (unless you live in a small town where a cultural range is nor that colorful). Detecting Russians is pretty easy, they obtain many distinct features, which are not hard to trace at all.

7. Malls or shopping centers. Since Russians care about their appearance, they go to the mall pretty often to see what is new on the market. Besides, it’s a good way to spend time with friends and get away from usual routine, so many of them go to a shopping center in the evening.

All these tips should be taken into consideration and you will marry a Russian woman soon. In Russia

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