It is commonly known that women are mysterious and contradictory creatures. While one dreams of a bunch of Dutch roses, the other hankers for a set of sports food. However, despite the huge variety of women's dreams and wishes, there are gifts that all ladies consider terrible. And so, in order to protect yourself from female grievances, you should know about the worst gifts to give your girlfriend.

worst gifts to give a woman

13 worst gifts to give to your woman

In the life of every loving man, there are a whole lot of moments when they need to choose a gift for beloved women. And it turns out to be a great challenge for the representatives of the stronger sex. After all, ladies always expect to receive an original and worthwhile gift that will cheer them up. But not always a very expensive present can cause the effect you expect. You should take into account that women usually think not about the price of the gift but about the intended meaning of your present. Therefore, familiarize yourself with a list of gifts that you shouldn't give your beloved girlfriend if you don't want to offend your soul mate.


Kitchenware tops our list of the worst gifts to give a beloved girl. The decision to give your woman a new cool frying pan is fully justified by the desire to wake up with the aroma of freshly baked flippers or pancakes. But who told you that a girl wants to spend a weekend morning slaving over a hot stove? Most likely, you will not see a happy smile on the face of your beloved presenting her with such a gift. Frying pans, pots, meat grinders, bakeware, knives, and so on – a woman may find a lot of hidden hints in all this, and, alas, not very good ones. So, all kitchen and household utensils set off to the trash can of horrible gift ideas.

A mug

This is a special kind of kitchen utensils that is worth considering as a separate paragraph especially when considering the worst Christmas gifts ever. In fact, it's a real mystery why men are dead keen on giving mugs to their beloved girlfriends particularly when they just start dating single girls. A great many of ladies will surely recall the day when, instead of something beautiful and wonderful, a beloved man presented them with a mug, at the same time, delightedly noting: "Look, it changes color when you pour boiling water into it!" Well, let the mug change color, but the very fact does not change at all: the girl receives a boring and dull gift. And even a pretty heart depictured on the mug will not save the situation.

Cosmetic set

worst gifts ever

Have you decided to purchase an average gift composed of the most popular cosmetic products for the best and most unique girl? Don't even think about it! No matter how beautiful the packaging is and how successfully the products are selected, such a gift has a minimal chance to please your beloved girlfriend. By the way, any lady can easily determine quite a modest cost of a standard cosmetic set at first glance. Therefore, it is better to compose a cosmetic set by yourself, taking into account the preferences of your significant other. Thus, you will never come against the worst birthday presents!

Vibrator or dildo

As statistics show, many girls have never been to sex shops because they simply feel ashamed and are afraid to go there. Although at the same time, many ladies would not mind buying something from such a store. But when choosing a sex toy for your girlfriend, you should not give her something that she can use without you. Or instead of you. It is better to opt for something that will make your sex life brighter and more diversified, but not destroy it. Thus, your love will become stronger and you will get rid of jealousy in a relationship!

Fashion items

Even if you have been married to this wonderful woman for a certain number of years, presenting her with a specific piece of clothing can be your biggest holiday failure. Only incredible life's perpetual winners or mentalists can hit the spot and choose "the very thing" that will please a beloved woman. If you do not consider yourself to be such a lucky guy, it will be much better to get by with a gift certificate or to find the object of the girl's desire in advance of the "X" day.

Plush toys

A soft toy gives positive emotions just for a few minutes. You should not fritter away your money on teddy bears and other similar souvenirs if your loved one is over 15 years old. A girl is unlikely to appreciate the additional item on the list of dust collectors. If your lady cannot remove this disgraceful thing out of sight because of good upbringing, then the teddy bear will remain an eternal reminder of your unsuccessful gift choice. 

Picture frame

Guys, believe it, if a girl wanted to have your joint photos at home, she would have hung all the walls with your pictures a long time ago. If she still feels it unnecessary, it means such a gift will overtake the destiny of the teddy bear from the previous paragraph – that is, it will become a simple dust collector.


Opinion on this point may be divided: some people will say that underwear is a great gift that can be beautifully presented if everything is selected with taste. But on the other way around, this is a rather intimate gift, and it is important to keep in mind that this option may not cater for all girls. Another downside is that when choosing such a present, you are guided by your own taste, which may be completely different from the preferences of your beloved. Even if you are sure that you know your girlfriend perfectly well, you take a great risk choosing such a gift option.


Despite the fact that many women are crazy about such kind of gifts, a wrongly chosen scent can ruin any celebration and become a reason for female resentment. It possible to say about this gift option partly the same as about the previous one: you may simply not guess. And what is the point of a gift if it will not be used? Moreover, your girlfriend may be allergic to some component of the perfume, so such a present can even be dangerous.

Alcoholic drinks

Champagne, liqueurs, wines, and vermouths are often presented to the representatives of the weaker sex for the holidays, especially for their birthdays. And this alcohol is usually drunk on the same evening during the celebration or at home in the family circle. So, alcoholic drinks can be considered one of the worst birthday gifts, as a girl practically has no memories of such a present. But if you are still grimly determined to give your girlfriend a bottle of an alcoholic drink, experts advise giving it exclusively as an appendage to the main gift.

Figurines of dubious beauty and quality

horrible gift ideas

You should not give your girlfriend souvenirs comparable with those that are sold in underground passages – this is one of the worst gifts ever! There is no doubt, if your beloved collects figurines, she will surely like such a present. But if a girl does not have a single figurine on her shelves, she is unlikely to be delighted with supposedly porcelain angels, doves, and other pseudo-romanticism. Even for all the women’s love for romantic impulses and cute little things, most ladies consider figurines to be useless dust collectors. 


Yes, flowers are considered a bad gift. Of course, most women love flowers and are delighted to get a pretty bouquet for some important holiday. However, the catch lies in the fact that many ladies do not consider flowers as a gift but only as an attachment to the main present. Therefore, do not expect to get off just with a bouquet of flowers. Please note that a “gift + flowers” is the best option for present according to most women. 

Electric drill or roadwheels

This is the last but not least item in our list of bad gifts to give a woman you like. We really want to believe that such an idea has not even jumped to your mind, however, such unpleasantness still happens with some men from time to time. If your sweetheart is not an auto mechanic or a repairman and apartment decorator, then you should not even try to surprise your loved one by giving her construction supplies, building implements, or vehicular maintenance items. The surprise may turn out to be not the most pleasant.

How not to screw up when choosing a gift for girlfriend

It is impossible to advise the perfect present for women. After all, every person is unique, so the choice is all yours. But still, there are some tips that will help you to decide on a wonderful gift to surprise and delight your beloved girl:

  • Explore her tastes. Your girlfriend can tell you about her preferences herself, or you can find out the necessary information from her friends and relatives.
  • Take care of the packaging. A beautifully wrapped gift always stands out from others: even if you did not manage to please a girl with the gift, she will still remember it because of the original packaging.
  • Do not purchase anything from the above-mentioned worst gift ideas.
  • Ask your girlfriend what to present to her if you have no idea at all.

And that's it! As you can see, choosing a gift for your loved one is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Please your girlfriend more often and she will definitely be grateful!

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