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Masha, age 24, «offline»

Marital status:never been married
Height:5'6" - 167 cm
Weight:115 lb - 52 kg
Eye color:blue
Hair color:light brown
Body type:athletic
Drink:on occasions
English level:good

About myself

It is not an easy task to write about myself because one may tend to either over exaggerate or fail to give succinct descriptions and commendations where necessary. It is with this background that I introduce myself as one of the ukrainian singles who wants to meet the right man in her life and simply be happy.
Three major things characterize my whole existence - my intellect, my spiritual doctrines and my social life. The intellectual aspect of my life consists of my creativity and basically my life pursuits that involve my intellectual capabilities. My social life is quite vibrant. I am an outgoing person with a good sense of humor and I make friends easily. My friends say that I am funny and fun to be with. My spiritual doctrines and my faith inform the decisions I make and consequently guide who I have become today.
My favorite hobbies are art, literature and music. I love to draw, paint and read books. This is how I often clear my head or distress myself. I am always looking for ways to develop my skills and learn new things. I love to travel and meet new people.
I am an easy going person and simply love my life.
As for my other traits I can be helpless, quivering and vulnerable on the one hand and be strong and dependable on the other. I can be soft to touch and you will want to comfort me and keep me from harm, but in a crisis I will be the one who will support you and give you strength.
I am not perfect and I have never claimed to be. However, I know what I want out of life and I pursue it doggedly. One thing is true - I am who I am.

About my partner

While the reasons we fall in love are often a mystery, the reasons we stay in love are far less elusive to my mind. There may be no such thing as the perfect partner, but I believe an ideal partner can be found in someone who has developed themselves in certain ways that go beyond looks, charms and success. I truly hope that my online dating profile will help me meet the right partner for me.
I would like to meet a man who is open and his openness enables him to be forthright in expressing feelings, thoughts, dreams and desires.
An ideal partner for me is honest and who lives with integrity, that there are no discrepancies between his words and actions. Honesty builds trust between people.
I can see the man by my side who is respectful of and sensitive to the other, having uniquely individual goals and priorities, who can treat the other person with respect and sensitivity, who can be respectful of another person's distinct personal boundaries while at the same time, being close physically and emotionally.
To my mind an ideal partner has empathy for and understanding of their partner. This partner is able to both understand and empathize with their mate. And, of course, a sense of humor can be a lifesaver in a relationship! A good sense of humor definitely eases the tense moments in a relationship and it always feels good to have fun with someone!
I believe I am on the right track and soon enough I will meet that special one to have by my side.