Yana, age 25, «online»

Marital status:never been married
Height:5'9" - 174 cm
Weight:117 lb - 53 kg
Eye color:hazel
Hair color:dark brown
Body type:slim
Drink:on occasions
English level:basic

About myself

Hello from Yana. I'm a single woman from Ukraine, on a quest to find that special someone. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm a nice and well-mannered lady. Loyalty is at the core of my values, and if you become my one and only, I'll devote all the love in my heart to you.

I am deeply connected to my homeland, Ukraine, and I hold a strong love for its natural beauty and rich history. I'm captivated by the breathtaking landscapes, the expansive fields, and the majestic mountains that grace our country. I've had the privilege of exploring nearly all of Ukraine's cities, but I dream of continuing my travels, this time with that special someone by my side.
I also have the garden at home where i like to relax and chill with my sweet cat in it. Hope you like pets.
If you are the man seeking woman than you have to write me and maybe we can become someone for each other.

About my partner

I'm in search of a sincere match, someone who is willing to love wholeheartedly me. I have strong hopes that your interest in me is genuine, and that you'll take the step to reach out and commence our journey. I hold the belief that there's something unique that can blossom between us, and I'm excited to see where this path will lead us. I'll be here, on popular dating sites, waiting for you.


Flowers, animals, garden

Age criteria

partner's age does not matter