Nataliya, age 38, «online»

Marital status:divorced
Height:5'5" - 165 cm
Weight:121 lb - 55 kg
Eye color:blue
Hair color:dark brown
Body type:slim
English level:with difficulties

About myself

It is difficult to describe myself as in the eyes of other people we may be totally different. I think, I am a pretty easy-going person to get along with. I am generally a positive person to be around with and I try not to judge anyone for the choices they make or for believes they have. I just treat everyone with the same respect that I would like to be treated with. There are two sides of one coin and that describes me pretty well. I might be outgoing and sociable, but at the same time I am a little bit modest... Everything about me happens in contrast and depends on who I am with and how comfortable I feel around them.

About my partner

I am looking for a man with a great sense of humor and with a big heart. Someone, who is kind, warm, loving, affectionate, responsible and family oriented. I understand that loving someone is a big responsibility , it means bringing happiness to your partner and sharing everything with each others. In relations, I do not think in terms of I , as it is more suitable to say - We . I dream of walking through the life long journey together with someone very special and dear to my heart, experiencing the moments of unconditional happiness and managing with different life situations, which may be difficult sometimes, but still to be together. Is not it the true power and the true essence of the relationship?


Nowadays modern gadgets take all our attention and even free time. Going to work, I pay attention that most of the people in transport are all in their devices, and it seems that the whole their lives and the whole world for them are in their phones, IPods and I phones. As for me, I like reading real books, which are made from paper, I like turning the pages, feeling the smell of the books. Life is busy, but I try to visit museums, different exhibitions, where I can learn and see something new for myself, something that may interest me and excite me in many ways. Doing sport makes me feel more confident in myself and I get a lot of positive emotions and energy from visiting Pilates lessons.