Juilia, age 36, «online»

City:Krivoy Rog
Marital status:divorced
Height:5'6" - 167 cm
Weight:110 lb - 50 kg
Eye color:brown
Hair color:red
Body type:slim
English level:don't speak

About myself

A squirrel is a cute and thrifty creature. Same as me! I like photography; I work in a printing shop and service. Daily I have many orders for printing pictures, and I want how photos from a camera come to real life. A fundamental picture is a photo frame. A printed image is not yet a picture if it is not honored to be placed in the best structure. I like family traditions, and I have a special cupboard and a wall at home to place their portraits and pictures from trips and holidays. It brings me a smile on my face, and I can travel in time. Do you have photos of people who are close to you? I am a fire! I am life! I am a passion! Some of my friends called me Squirrel! As they liked to pet my fluffy tale. Some of my friends called me a Tangerine. I have pale skin, and it is easy to burn. But I like to be in the sun, so I often use sun cream. I like swimming. Travel to Egypt took my heart. It was my only visit out of the country. And I photography, swimming, cooking, travel, movies

About my partner

A man who likes to appeal a sun tan cream on my body. Because I am easy to burn, but I want to be in the sun so much. He likes swimming and always keeps a dry towel or his hug ready for me when I come out of the water—a man who likes or dreams of traveling. Who treasures interesting moments and collects pictures, has an album, sentimental. I want to meet a mature man who will feel cozy and excited with me. I promise to respect and care for him and keep the fire in our relations. I am ready to make him mood because it is essential for the family. I will devote myself to maintaining our relationship exciting and passionate. We can do romantic dinners together, picnics in the middle of the day, walking and kissing under the moonlight.


Nature walks, food, gossip, music.

Age criteria

searches a mature person

Dating goal

Love, relationships, family.