Aleksandra, age 35, «online»

Marital status:single
Height:5'4" - 163 cm
Weight:106 lb - 48 kg
Eye color:blue
Hair color:blonde
Body type:slim
English level:basic

About myself

Well educated, well-brought-up lady with good sense of humor.
Happy lady with happy life I'm also very communicative lady. It is very easy for me to find common interests with someone
My heart is open for love!!
I'm an optimist and a strong girl. My inner strength and ability to look at the brighter side of life allows me to see new opportunities all the time, so I like to stay active by engaging in different types of things, one of which is also business as I own a few clothing shops. This inner strength of mine combines with another important side of my personality, which is immense sensibility.. I'm a passionate person who knows how to love and support her loved ones when they need it.

About my partner

I appreciate the personality. That's why I want my man to be with open soul to me.
Of course serious intention in finding your love are very important.
Age difference is does not matter...
I want pure love and honest man.
Passion will be the great plus Because I am passionate lady
I'm looking for a man who will make my life more balanced, making me feel free to express my passion and sensitivity. I need someone attentive, caring and understanding, someone who could be my true friend as well as the love of my life. I find it hard to find someone who'd possess these qualities among men my age, because they are not actually men yet, they're still boys, and I need someone mature enough to be able to truly understand a woman's needs and capacity to love. This is also the reason why I'm attracted to older men.

Age criteria

partner's age does not matter