Valentina, age 41, «offline»

Marital status:divorced
Height:5'7" - 171 cm
Weight:121 lb - 55 kg
Eye color:blue
Hair color:blonde
Body type:athletic
English level:with difficulties

About myself

I am a bright and cheerful girl I can easily find a common topic for discussion with a person
I love outdoor activities and I have a dream. Conquer the strong and cruel river through the rock I like to indulge myself with delicious cooking delicacies My favorite dish that I often cook is Ratatouille
Its not strange and not banal but I'm a girl who is CRAZY FOR SWEET I like to start my morning with a cup of good coffee with milk and a bar of delicious chocolate But I also have a strange fear of loneliness Im PANICALLY AFRAID of being left alone with my thoughts But I have been living alone in an empty apartment for a long time
It is with this problem that yoga helps me to fight I get complete relaxation and the MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY of my body by the way I learned to sit on the twine it seems to me that it looks effective
Yoga gives me a boost of energy to create and create new ideas for new photos

About my partner

It seems to me that Ideal people do not exist But I still believe that in my life there will be a bright ray of light that can brighten up my gray everyday life
I shield that the male love in my life will be able to reveal the hidden potential of tenderness in me My great desire is to meet a man who will not play with my feelings and will take my passions and interests seriously
A man with a strong character whom I will obey and who will make the last decision in life together I want to be a queen for the King I believe that a girl should be gentle and obedient in a company with a man but at home she should be ready for experiments and be able to relax a man after a hard day
It would be funny if our family nest would be our kingdom in which love and mutual understanding would be present My mother always said If a man treats you like a princess then he was raised by a queen Therefore I believe that my personality will be able to hook a well-mannered and caring man



Age criteria

partner's age does not matter

Dating goal