Natalie, age 35, «offline»

Marital status:single
Height:5'3" - 160 cm
Weight:110 lb - 50 kg
Eye color:hazel
Hair color:dark brown
Body type:slim
English level:good

About myself

In Ukraine, people say there was no happiness, but misfortune helped. This is just my case, because it was the sad events in my country that allowed me to understand what is paramount and what is not at all important.
For me, personal happiness, love and security are paramount. I am looking for a man on dating site who will give me it and whom I can repay with all my tenderness, care and passion, making him the happiest man in the world.

About my partner

The man, I want to be with should be... here probably must be a list of wishes and asks, but, I think that the only must in this list is- must to be himself with me, honest and sincere. It's not hard, to feel, if it's your person, when you meet in real, when you hear the voice, to see gestures, but to feel it in letters much harder on dating site . I think, that my point of views is obvious, just be yourself with me, so we could have a chance to make the next step toward the future together with dating site


volunteering, helping those who have lost hope and want to return to life.

Age criteria

searches a mature person

Dating goal

Marriage, Relationships, Romance