Maria, age 26, «offline»

Marital status:single
Height:5'6" - 168 cm
Weight:110 lb - 50 kg
Eye color:blue
Hair color:red
Body type:slim
English level:fluent

About myself

I can be very sensitive and very protective , I am very wild and cant sit on one place, I love travelling and dancing. I love smiling and talking with people. When I am sad I eat cookies and watch sad movies so I would have the reason to cry! I dont hide my emotions but i dont like to show my weaknesses so none would use it against me. If I love, I love like it is the last day on the earth!I believe that there is no good and bad in this world, its just there are things we understand and things we dont understand. So I try never judge anyone and just listen to people and try to understand. I guess you can say that I am open minded and I got a free spirit. We live only once, so why to waste this one time. lets be crazy.

About my partner

I need a man who will complite me, being incomplite is not so much fun and feels lonely. Caring, honest, open and kind!! Yesss! This is the type of man I look for! The one who will be able to love me with all his heart and not get mad that my sister will be around us often. LOL. Me and her are best friends!Man who wants to steal my heart and get burnt with my kiss .