Although romantic films and books depict love as something given from above, it doesn’t come from anything. Especially when it comes to cross-cultural marriage since there are many mentality gaps potential lovers should handle in order to find paths to hearts of each other. Let’s now find out what traits men should possess to impress their prospective Russian brides!

what women love in men

1. Masculinity

Modern women get more and more emancipated with time. Yet there are some areas on our planet where ladies remain feminine and value strong men by their side. Russia is definitely one of those countries. Here, girls seek for manliness above all as they support the traditional conception of gender roles. They believe: a true man should be able to protect and back his woman no matter what.

2. Fidelity

To a certain degree, Russian culture is built on the cult of loyalty. Historically, these people had to survive through harsh natural conditions and a family was always the core unit of Russian society. That’s why local women wish to build relationships with faithful partners. So this is the thing for guys to consider if they wanna search for Russian brides.

3. Handsomeness

Russian women are actually considered as the most beautiful in the world. Frankly speaking, this is one of the factors westerners wanna date Russian girls. They aren’t just gifted by nature – they also have excellent taste and know how to emphasize their gorgeousness. In our view, it’s natural that such girls look for good-looking mates.

4. Funny bone

Humour works as an icebreaker putting two strangers closer and helps them establish a connection faster. Since their childhood, Russian girls learn to deal with any problematic situations optimistically. By all means, your good jokes can really touch a lady’s heart. And Russian ladies obviously like it so they appreciate men capable of keeping them in their high spirits.

5. Determined life goals

As women still tend to fall for strong men, the ability to define and set your priorities is essential for succeeding in life. In particular, Russian girls typically know what they want to achieve both personally and professionally. These ladies are concerned about their self-development and wish their prospective lifetime partners would be equally aware of their goals.

6. Kindness

It’s determined by nature that people seek lifetime partners who’d be able to express empathy, compassion, kindness, and support. Graciousness is another merit of Russian girls so no wonder they prefer good-hearted men. A Russian woman may become your personal psychologist since that’s how it is accepted in her country. So she will expect the same treatment in return.

7. Experience

Talented people are always attractive, wouldn’t you agree? Russian girls are generally versatile. Their parents encourage their constant self-growth so these ladies grow up skilled in many different spheres. To sustain a Russian girl’s interest to you, you’d better demonstrate her that you worth something. Women fall for guys who know what they do!

8. Sense of purpose

Some people nowadays prefer living their lives and don’t bother to draw up any plans. Yet we believe it’s rather a wrong position. We don’t suggest you stating the one and only goal of your life or searching for its sense desperately. We only recommend you get to thinking about what you’d like to achieve. Surely, any Russian woman will evaluate this.

9. Strong mind

Intelligent people are sexy. And Russian women know it! There is a widespread stereotype describing them as undereducated brainless dolls capable of nothing more than being housekeepers. We should warn you: it’s a huge false. Modern Russian girls understand how important a good education is. Moreover, they on average have a high level of intellect.

10. Passion

Moral values and traits are essential for having healthy relationships. However, Russian girls also want to date guys who perform well in bed. Some rumors circulating throughout the Western world describe them as inexperienced virgins waiting for the love of their life for years. Yet we have good news for you: Russian women can be super hot in bed!

11. Friendliness

Sociability has huge power in our today’s world where your personal success and career depend mainly on who you know, not what you know. Networking matters in all aspects of human life. Friendly attitude to everyone around you boosts your attractiveness for other people including your prospective Russian bride.

12. Assurance

Self-assurance is indeed one of the key manly traits. Due to their femininity, Russian girls wanna feel protected by their men – in spite of being pretty self-sufficient. If you feel secure about your capabilities, your self-esteem advances. So you become several times more desired partner for any woman.

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