Russia is a multicultural country with its thousand-year history, traditions, and cultural peculiarities that distinguish it from many others. It is still the issue whether Russia has more "eastern" or "western" culture since it has been fundamentally influenced by many different nations in the fields of religion, arts, trade, and even language. Traditional Russian culture has a very visual cultural past, immersed in literature, painting, and classical music.


Here are some distinctive features by which you can make your image of Russian culture

When coming to someone’s home.

If you are invited to the house, it will be appropriate to bring a small gift or just a bottle of wine. If there is a woman, then don’t forget about flowers, be sure to buy an odd number because an even number is only for sad occasions, like a funeral. Bringing flowers for the first date is also a part of Russian dating culture. When you enter the house, take off your outerwear and shoes.

When walking on the street

Don’t expect that people will smile back at you or feel at ease talking to strangers. But they are very hospitable and if you start to talk to them and they recognize you to be a foreigner, they will try to help you within their capacity.

When using social transport

Mature and old women are much respected here. If you use underground or a bus with no free seats, it's considered polite to offer your place to a mature or an old woman coming in.

What kind of role does a woman play in the culture of Russian ethnicity?

Russian cultural values are the homeland and the family. Within the last 100 years, Russian families withstood the challenges only due to the combined resources and support of the family. This is one of the reasons and Russian culture facts why they so highly value their families and maintain close friendship.

Society and family before nowadays


Times change but some people still have their own inflexible image of women’s role in the society. Russian women culture is based on and valued for beauty, emotional depth, and selfless generosity.  Russian brides are held in high respect as mothers, wives, and keepers of the household.  Even now people value this conception of femininity and are afraid of them being spoiled by feminists.

More than 150 years ago, most families were patriarchal and Russian women for marriage were subservient to their husbands’ families before the son was born. All the household management was prescribed, even intimate details of family life. They were not allowed to another work except household and children care.

With communists coming to power, women’s role had changed and they became free of oppressive norms of society.  They started to work in medicine, engineering, and other fields, where they hadn’t had access before.

Marriage and family

Romantic love, support, and confidence are considered to be the most acceptable motivation for creating a real family with Russian girls for marriage. There is a long tradition in literature, poetry, and folklore to idealize lovers' passion. Social and economic problems in connection with alcohol abuse of male part of the country make girls look for their happiness somewhere abroad. Ethnic intermarriage is a fairly common thing now and was many years ago, so most Russian people have at least one ancestor of a different nationality.

For a Russian woman, her family has the highest value; it’s some kind of a genetic code that is very hard to change.

So, if you want to marry a Russian girl, you will get a wife, a mother of your children, the best friend, a helpmate, and a partner. She will maintain loving and peaceful atmosphere in the household, relieving her husband from tension and stress. A Russian woman is some kind of the inspiration source for man; she inspires him for great worth achievements in life.

Talking about her as the mother of your future children, if you decide to marry a Russian woman, you will get not only a mother herself but the first teacher in children’s life with right moral code and ideas. It is she who will take care of every member of the family and be concerned about their physical well-being. You can turn to her for love, understanding, and support, and she will give you even more.

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