Russian women have already gained the worldwide popularity and keep being the top desired romantic partners. However, men from different countries still have many questions on how to meet a decent Russian girl for serious relationships and how to make her fall for you. So I prepared the answers!

Everything You Should Know about How to Find a Russian Bride for Marriage

Two main ways of searching for a Russian bride

Yes, you may do it live or online. Both ways have perks and disadvantages; let’s take a detailed look.

Check out local immigrant communities. Russians, of course, live not only in the Russian Federation. This has even become a trend in Eastern Europe to move to more “civilised” states in order to receive an education or build a career. So there are quite large Russian diasporas in the European Union countries and the USA. If you live in a big city, you may test your luck by exploring immigrant areas. In fact, most Russian ladies don’t really like to make acquaintances with men in the street yet it never hurts to try.

Go to online dating resources. If there are no candidates nearby, you can discover the amazing world of online dating. Well, this isn’t something completely new. A number of international marriages and romances boosts worldwide today, why not join this community? The choice is truly impressive: there are major dating sites with myriads of users, there are specific dating apps that link people who have something in common, and there are many additional features on each site. Pick what fits you the best and kick the search off!

Seven important facts to know about Russian women

Once you’ve found out how to access Russian brides, the real adventure begins! By all means, it’s not enough to merely sign up for a dating service and wait for success to follow. Russian dating requires certain efforts and knowledge. Now, I want you to know the core things about Russian girls.

They look for chivalry. Emancipation is probably one of the greatest tendencies of the modern life. A growing proportion of girls becomes independent; many of them don’t want to be wooed in an old-school way. Yet Russian ladies remain very feminine and romance-oriented so they will expect you to court them with nice compliments, small gifts, flowers, and surprises. Not to mention you should demonstrate excellent manners.

You should respect their native culture. All Russians are proud of their national heritage; some of them might express this too aggressively. But let’s focus on intelligent and well-brought up young Russian ladies. They are convinced that any person should develop her/his inner world. In particular, that’s why they are interested in relationships with foreigners. To impress a Russian girl, I recommend you showing the appreciation of her traditions and worldview as well.

They are keen on manliness. Getting back to the matter of femininity, I should tell you Russian girls look for manly partners. They desire to feel protected even if there are no concrete threats. Likewise, a “real man” (the expression they love using very much) should be self-confident, decisive, smart and have determined life priorities.

You’d better dress up. The beauty of Russian women is legendary. Yet they aren’t just gifted by Mother Nature: they want to look even better. So a regular Russian lady is mad about how she looks. Every day, she picks an outfit thoroughly, wears at least a minimal makeup and collects beauty ideas. No wonder these women wish to date good-looking men. Take care if your exterior if you are about to charm a girl like this!

It’s all about communication. Planning to date a Russian girl, you should take in into an account that she is hugely into talking. In her country, strangers don’t normally have friendly chats with one another, as it is accepted in the USA. But the interaction between close friends or lovers is all about long personal conversations. Be ready she will be talkative!

Feelings always come first. Sex plays a big role in relationships between a man and woman. Some girls in Russia also look for one-night stands but in general, these women have rather a traditionalistic view: they struggle to establish the emotional bond with their significant others first of all. This means physical intercourses come second. Don’t take it wrong – Russian ladies are super hot in bed, and feelings only help keep the flame alive!

You should remember the safety rules. Last but not least, I wish to tackle the problem of safety. Online dating scam doesn’t go anywhere nowadays. Moreover, fraudsters invent new schemes for deception. Don’t reveal too much information until you make sure your match is a real person in searches of her love.

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