Relationships with an age gap sufficiently differ from ordinary ones. For example, everyone understands a relationship between two people of nearly the same age, but if the age gap is 20 years or more, then most likely such a union is arranged. But, fortunately, it’s not always so – perhaps there is true love between partners.

Still, it is believed that a man should be a defender of a woman and that is why a girl always builds a relationship with an older man. As a rule, the difference in age is 2 or 3 years. It happens because a woman on a subconscious level thinks that if a man is several years older, then he is already smarter than her, wiser, and more mature than a man of the same age. So, this man can provide for a family and home comfort.

tips for dating younger women

That is why most couples have a relationship with a difference in age of several years, and usually a man is older than a woman. So, if we consider relationships with the difference of one year, then they practically don’t differ in anything from relationships with the age difference of 2-5 years, except the fact that it is harder for a woman to fall in love with a man in such relationships since her subconsciousness requires an older man. But, after all, if love appears, then a relationship will be successful despite the age difference.

The age gap in a relationship - how does it work?

Of course, according to age gap relationship statistics, the most optimal age difference is 7 – 8 years. This ratio is explained by the fact that a woman develops faster than a man. Also, experts and psychologists believe that the perfect difference in age is 10, 12, 13 years, but not less since this is the most reliable option. In this case, a woman can feel like a loving woman (not as a mother) with such a man. A couple with the age difference of 10, 12 or 13 years can feel at one level since this difference in age leads a man and woman to a common spiritual development in 60% of cases. Such relationships are usually the longest and happiest.

Many believe that the age gap of 16 – 20 years in a relationship is too much and not serious. But actually, if people are ready for creating a serious relationship, then they have everything that is needed and important for developing a happy marriage as well. A young wife will always inspire a man throughout her life. This means that she and he will be happy together. After all, frequent divorces are connected precisely with the lack of love, trust or money, and not with age gap relationship problems. If the difference is 16 or 20 years, a man is 40 years old and a woman is 24 years old, then such marriage will be successful if both have common sense and they are engaged in their own self-development. A girl at her 24 will feel much safer and better with a man who is 40 years old than with a coeval. Even if people have a relationship with a 30-year age gap, a man in his 50s may feel nicer next to a girl who is 20 years old since his power will “work” for at least another 10 years.

What to expect from a relationship where a man is older than a woman

Of course, all men, like women, are different, and it would be wrong to judge everyone strictly according to the same criteria. Therefore, we will consider men in three main types. Representatives of the stronger sex of mature age can be roughly divided into confirmed bachelors, womanizers, and those who have already experienced all the "delights" of the age crisis. Relationships with each of the presented types of men have their own characteristics – both negative and positive.

Relationship with a confirmed bachelor


This type includes those men who decided to build previously frightening marital ties only at the age of 40-45-50 because they realized the horror of loneliness and are afraid of the prospect of growing old without having built a family. Once waking up in their empty, unhomely bachelor apartment, they suddenly realize that it is time for them to look for a wife and give birth to children.

Such a man, previously unencumbered by caring for the family and its well-being, as a rule, actualized himself in the professional activity, provided himself financially for several years ahead, and perhaps even acquired his own housing. Previously, he believed that a family would only complicate his life and prevent him from realizing his ambitions, but now, he feels confident and, accordingly, ready to take full responsibility for his wife and children.

A relationship with a bachelor is very favorable for two main reasons. Firstly, such a man has already accumulated rich life experience and has become much wiser in life matters, so he will not provoke conflicts and assert himself by sorting things out in the relationship. He has only serious intentions regarding the woman he likes – he already considers her as the mother of his future heirs. Secondly, he is ready for children and will be a wonderful and caring father.

Relationship with a womanizer

A womanizer understands ladies because, as a rule, he has had many relationships and even several marriages. He is far from a beginner in family relationships – he knows how to behave with a woman, how to please her, how to cheer her up, and what gifts should be given, he will not forget to call and warn a beloved when he works till late at night. Previous wives taught him a lot.

But in addition to a huge number of advantages, relations with a womanizer have their negative sides. Since this man had many women, he, of course, has someone to compare with a young girl. He is used to variety, so he is quite pampered in terms of relationships. His new chosen one should combine the best qualities of all those women who came before her, otherwise, she risks becoming his ex too. This is a rather difficult test for a woman. If you fell in love with a man older than you - also a womanizer - be ready for the fact that he probably has children from previous marriages, so he will never belong to you completely.

Relationship with a married man

This is a classic option: a man married early enough, most likely, it was 20 years ago, the wife completely immersed herself in the life of her children, often depriving him of attention and not admiring him as a man. It is at this point that the well-known middle-age crisis occurs. A man begins to draw attention to young women and starts an affair with one of them, which helps him to feel young and attractive again.

why younger women like older men

Young girls who decide on a relationship with a married man often harbor big and unrealizable illusions about him. In most cases, the man will simply nurse his wounded pride and continue to live with his wife because he does not want to dash so many years of married life.

Older men dating younger women - why is it so common?

Why are older men attracted like magnets to young girls? What do they think about young girls?

1. They are young and beautiful

The advantages of young wives are obvious. Young girls attract attention and awaken desire. They are full of life, they infect with their enthusiasm. Older men who are dating younger women also feel younger next to them.

2. They can give birth

Of course, not every girl is guaranteed to give birth to five children. But if you dream of a big family, you will have a much better chance of implementing your ideas with a girlfriend who is just over 20 than with your coeval.

3. Young girls don’t have a “past”

A young girl doesn’t carry in her heart the burden of previous relationships and doesn’t suffer from excessive suspicion. She openly looks ahead and is not afraid to build a relationship because she has not yet experienced the bitterness of betrayal.

4. They don’t know a lot of things and are a little naive

You are an adult and experienced man in her eyes. She always listens to your advice. You, in turn, are ready to protect your young companion of life.

5. They are bored with boys of her age

Often, young women complain that they are tired of the stupidity of their peers. That’s why they are interested in older men and many men start dating younger women. Girls find them more interesting because such men can share great experiences in different spheres of life and knowledge. And no, such girl is not stupid only because she is younger. She also can easily support the conversation of two adults, not to mention relationships.

6. They think you’re hot


No, not all young women need a man from a billboard. They are more interested in someone who makes them feel sexy and can appreciate them. In addition, you know girls’ secret fantasies and how to use it to achieve pleasure. It really can please them. If you still don’t know how to please a girl, then read tips for dating younger women.

7. They don’t suffer from complexes because of a difference in age

Do you think that she can’t love you just because you are older? No, it is wrong. Moreover, she is proud of this. After all, only you make her feel so good.

8. They have a huge supply of energy and optimism

We don’t mean endurance. We are talking about an energetic and capable young woman who is at an early stage of her life. And she can give a thrill being close to you. She is not exhausted by losses, failures, and her aspirations can inspire you.

9. They will make you feel as young as they are

A girl will not make you younger, but she will remind you of what you were before. No one can make you feel old. Only you can do it. Leave the prohibitions on relationships with young women and you may feel that the world around is much larger.

10. They will bring romance in relationships

When sexual attraction fades, a man revives the erotic interest in a woman inherent in adolescence. For men who are dating younger women, romantic love comes to the fore replacing ordinary sex. Flowers, gifts, courtship – all this becomes important in adulthood, allowing a man to become a gallant cavalier and feel the necessary feelings for a full life.

11. They just love their men

Dating younger women, it shouldn’t be dismissed that there can be real love between people of different generations with a big age difference. It is impossible to find a reason for this. Sometimes it just happens so.

Why younger women like older - the others side of the problem

An older man and a young innocent girl… Sounds obscene, doesn’t it? It is even insulting to many. And in any case, it is a little strange. The age difference is usually associated with various negative connotations. It is believed that a man is a predator and a girl is a victim in such a relationship. But a relationship with a young girl is a new world for an older man – the world that a man has already forgotten, that is full of joy, madness, and passion. However, girls also want to have relationships with men who are older.

Reasons girls want older

1. They think they are real men

Do younger women like older men? Yes! The terrible truth is that a woman needs a real man above all. Of course, we don’t say that young men are not men, but there is a difference in how mature they are from the point of view of women, in comparison with older and more experienced men.

2. Sometimes girls just fall in love

do younger women like older men

In fact, they can fall in love with anyone, and age is not a determining factor here. As they say, all ages are under the influence of love, and the feelings of a 19-year-old girl for a 40-year-old man can be just as strong as the feelings of another 19-year-old girl for a 19-year-old boy. Relationships are relationships; love is love. There’s nothing to be done.

3. Such relationships have a taste of the forbidden fruit

Why do younger women like older men? Everything is simple. It is tabooed and so fascinating! When girls are barely twenty years old and mature men think they are attractive, it flatters and turns on. In addition, such an experienced boyfriend is so very different from a young boy. Perhaps you will meet secretly because you simply will not know how to explain these relationships to others. It’s a pity.

4. Older men have more experience in sex

Not always the fact that a man has lived to his age means that he has a really extensive sexual experience. Nevertheless, experience and wisdom come with the years and mature men may be aware of something that young men don’t even suspect. Sex is not always the basis of relationships, and yet it’s good to have someone close to you who knows what he’s doing in bed. Mature men are not afraid to talk about what they want and what their partners want.

5. Older men have already succeeded in life

One of the benefits of a relationship with an older man for a girl is that she can find out how much he has succeeded in life. Some girls simply don’t have the patience to be with someone who doesn’t have serious goals in life. It’s sad when the man’s ambitions are zero and he can’t even provide for himself, let alone a partner. But being with a man who knows what he wants from life, a girl doesn’t need to ask “what if ...” Such relationships are deprived of a number of stresses and give many opportunities simply to enjoy each other’s company. This is why younger women like older men.

6. Girls feel protected

To be with a man who is older means to feel like behind a stone wall. An older man protects and supports his girl; she can be a fragile woman with him. Nobody says that girls can’t experience this in relationships with partners of their age, but these feelings intensify with mature men. After all, every woman wants a man to love, protect and respect her.

7. Girls don’t need to wait until men “grow” to their level

It is the known fact that boys mature much later than girls. Therefore, it is difficult to blame a girl for not wanting to wait for her boyfriend to leave adolescence. It is difficult to take seriously a guy who behaves more like her friend than as an equal partner. A mature man has already left this phase and doesn’t want to return there. Equality of minds is also an important part of a relationship. So, if a girl has to choose between a guy for whom only skateboarding and hangouts are important and a mature partner in all respects, then the choice is obvious.

A relationship where lovers have an age difference has its pros and cons like any other personal relationship between a man and a woman. Their knowledge can help avoid some negative aspects of their relationships, understand what to look for and decide how to deal with this or that situation. There is no common opinion whether such a relationship can be strong or not, lovers are happy in it or this is just a game, but in any case, the main thing is that they are happy in it, no matter what people say.

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04.12.2020 06:17
I have been living with my husband for the 16th year already, and I’m 6 years older than him. Nevertheless, I don't see anything wrong with that. I look younger than I really is, so my husband and I seem to be of the same age. We have the same interests and opinions, the age difference does not interfere with our marriage.
04.12.2020 06:18
The age difference, when a man is much older than his chosen one, often gives rise to all sorts of reproaches from him. Of course, this is not a common feature of all mature men, but some men still have it – they believe that by providing a woman financially and helping her, for example, in a business or career, they can use this as an argument during a quarrel.

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