When you first hear about the mail order bride, you may think, “Oh, what is this nonsense? Is it about human trafficking?” But let us explain to you the idea. A mail-order bride concept has been popular in different places all over the world. First, you see them in America, then in Asian countries. Let alone all Slavic countries who fly off ladies all year round. For men, it's beneficial. You can have a better person nearby if you didn't have the opportunity to meet one in real life. For women, it's a great way to find a suitable husband who will not only support financially but also be respectful and responsible. But is a mail order bride the best way to get a hot wife? We'll see in a second.

how to find a mail order bride

What Is a Mail Order Bride and What You Have to Know About Her?

A mail-order bride service is a paid service in dating communities where you talk to a girl who advertises herself and enlists herself as an available bride. You chat, get to know each other, start a video chat, arrange a conversation in real life, and if everything goes well, you ask this girl to fly to you. It usually goes from your expenses to get a woman to another country, providing that she needs time to open a visa, prepare all documents and etc.

Who Is a Mail Order Bride?

A mail-order bride is a girl, usually in her 20’s-30's who is striving to find a successful and loving man and leave her country to marry abroad. How do you get a mail order bride? You see who's available on the site, you choose a woman from ladies gallery and talk to her. Depending on the rank of the service, its popularity abounds trustworthiness, you can either talk for free or pay the entrance fee. Sometimes they charge per hour, but other times you have to pay individually for opening and sending every letter. How much is a mail order bride? To send and receive a message, you may pay from $7, and flying a person from overseas, paying for her stay and transportation can cost you up to $1.300.

Why Women Become Mail Order Wives?

In less developed countries, such as Brazil, Russia, and China, women are still treated horribly. They are treated like an item, forced to work and being abused, emotionally and physically. The ratio between Slavic men and women are 1:3, so girls always try to look their best to impress even a mediocre man. So smart women decided that why staying with a loser who can provide you with nothing, there is neither love nor support when you can find yourself a man who can actually be a good husband, treat you right and help you out. On the other hand, why would someone get a mail order bride? Why would a successful foreign man seek for a girlfriend from less developed countries? See, in Europe, most women are so emancipated, they don't feel obligated to dress and cook for their men. But some guys still want a traditional family, so they look for a country where girls dress up well and are modest. Girls, on the other hand, appreciate real help from men, so this connection is mutually beneficial.

Countries Where It's Most Popular

Some countries have a good rating in terms of dating. These countries are Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, China, Philippines, Brazil, and so on. Usually, these girls come from developing countries or rural areas where there aren't many chances to meet foreigners. Girls would love to visit other places or open a visa without having to be signed up for something, but, unfortunately, they don't have enough financial support to do so. In most countries from this list, women are lucky to go at least to one foreign country once in a lifetime. how do you get a mail order brideSo you probably realize how tough it can be. But hey, life disciplines them and humbles everyone in a unique way. So if you don't know how to find a mail order bride, at least look up for sites that offer international dating.

Where Can I Find a Mail Order Bride?

Of course, these things can be done in online space, exclusively on dating sites. You don't go to a travel agency for that matter, but sure, you can try if you want. There are thousands of dating sites, both free and expensive, which offer you to meet foreigners via chat, letters or video chat. As soon as you have a goal to meet girl online, scroll through the gallery to reveal faces of thousands of beautiful angels and sign up for the service. Pay your fee, remember the girl you wanted to write, and write her a good letter with precise information about yourself, your goals and dreams.

How long does it take to get mail order bride? Depending on whether she has documents and VISA, it can take from a month to several months. Preferably, you should talk about such things with your bride beforehand.

Top Countries for Seeing Mail Order Brides

Though this list might be arguable, some counties are just historically meant for dating. Some girls just want to be loved by foreigners, and they won’t accept a mediocre unstable marriage, and this is the result all young ladies should strive for! Top countries for dating are Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, the Philippines, and China. We will talk about each choice separately.


Russia is a beautiful country with an amazing history and undeniable power. So no wonder our top starts from this country. Russian girls are said to have immaculate beauty, vivid mind, great sense of humor, a spark for business affairs and a glamorous wardrobe. They love glitz and glitter, love putting on new things, love striking men with their undeniable beauty. Russian girls are like lions, they are prideful, sometimes aggressive, very straightforward, luscious and very hardworking. Every Russian girl is a good mother, she loves taking care of children, guests of the family, husband and husband’s family. Russians are known to be great cooks, they are homely people who like company.

Russian girls are beautiful, and they are not afraid to show their assets. So if are not scared to have a powerful wife who will take lots of responsibilities in the marriage, stick to a Russian wife.


People always mix up Russians and Ukrainians, although every Ukrainian lady will tell you they have lots of things that differ. First things first, Ukrainian girls are somewhat different in their appearance. They are smaller than Russians, often have rounded faces, and their eyes are usually darker. Girls from different regions are very different. In Zarakpatya, girls have light-blue eyes and longer faces, their skin is pale and their hair is blonde. But if you meet a southern girl who lives by the sea, you can probably mix her up with a Greek girl or a Turkish woman. Females from the Odessa region have darker skin, darker eyes and hair, they have a piercing gaze and a different wardrobe.

In terms of character, Ukrainian girls are workaholics, they are all about education and goals. However, women from rural areas prefer to become young mommies and wives, giving full responsibility to their husbands. They are kinder and softer than Russians, playful and funny, homely and inviting, but can be a little bit feisty as well.


Girls from the Philippines are amazing because of lots of things. They are very traditional, so no wonder men go here on date tours to find a wife. And if you still don’t know how to get an Asian mail order bride, some dating sites arrange cruises to the Philippines to let foreign men meet and greet beautiful islanders. Philippine girls love children, and it is one of the traditions to have a big supportive family. Modern or not, family comes first.

In the Philippines, foreign men see girls as a successful investment. Since not every girl can afford education but is willing to develop, she often becomes a protégé of a wealthier man who can pay up for her college funds. In return, these women grow out to be successful businesswomen since they have great potential.

These girls are traditional, so they like chivalry in men. If you buy her presents, take to dinners and support her verbally and mentally, she will be loyal to you forever. This nation knows how to return the favor. Girls from the Philippines love investing in their beauty. They are sporty, have good hair and smell good. They like perfumes and good clothes. They also like men with a degree and some knowledge about life. If you are good-looking and well-educated, chances are you will meet the most beautiful girl with a degree from a very good family.


Brazilian girls are one of the sexiest and feistiest girls out there. In terms of their looks, Brazilian women come in all shapes and sizes. You can meet a slimmer or a curvier girl (in fact, most girls here are curvy), they are usually on a taller side but can be lighter or darker when it comes to skin tone. Brazilian girls love straight hair, so even if they are blessed with a curly weave, they want to change hair texture to complete flatness. Good thing, girls nowadays start to embrace their natural beauty. Brazilian girls love getting their nails done, so they can pay up a good price for monthly mani and pedi. They love tight closing and are not afraid to show their bodies.

In Brazil, women marry at a very young age, preferring family life over education. So if you want to have a good mother for your children or a girl who won't be bothered with ambitions, they are a good choice. Not that Brazilian women are unambitious at all, this tendency seems to change over the years. So, they like married life and will treat you right, since, in their country, women are the ones to take responsibility for marriage. They seek a foreign partner since their own men are often not initiative, preferring to stay bachelors till an older age.

how long does it take to get mail order brideHow to Get a Mail Order Wife: Tips and Advice

Getting a girl from abroad is an easy procedure, but it all depends on what type of country she lives in. At the stage of talking, there shouldn't be a problem whatsoever, but problems may emerge when both of you are talking about getting her to your country. Many women don't have a visa or an international passport, and in some countries, receiving them can be one hell of a problem.

It's expensive, long, and nerve-racking. So if you want to fly out your beautiful wife, make sure you'll help her do this. In some good agencies, girls get help with their documents. In terms of speaking to a girl, there can be some major things to address too. So here are some tips and tricks to remember.

Be a gentleman. Women all over the world like chivalry. And even if they don't, everyone loves good intentions and a pleasant attitude. You may start saying good things, complimenting her looks and asking how she manages to achieve such good shape. You may ask mundane things, but in a caring way. It's always good to come home after a long working day and realize that someone cares about you. It's such a small thing to do, yet it would mean the world to them. Overall, it's your future, and it's you who invests time and effort in your wife. It's good training to maintain further in married life.

Don't be condescending. Yes, you might have a temptation to boast about your career, talk about all modern innovations of your country but please, don't be condescending in the way you talk. Sure, she may receive worse education and didn't see every country in the world, but it's not justifying the fact someone has to be schooled or taught life. She is not stupid but doesn't know everything you know. But if she doesn't know, it also doesn't mean she is incapable to learn. Don't think she is silly or naïve.

Be a good listener. If you order a mail bride online, it still doesn't mean she owes you the world, and there is no need in excessively involving in her feelings. Yeah, you might help her a lot with her life, but attention is what most people truly seek. They don't always want to listen to but also be heard out. If you invest some time in a good deep conversation, you will understand that this person is not only good-looking but actually a very nice girl with intellect and an overview of her own.

Be a good talker. Be sincere about what lead you to sign up for this site. Do you have a story to tell? Chances are, you had a beautiful journey on your own, so who wouldn't listen to it? Girls online can be very attentive to details, since when they speak to you via the internet, there is no distraction and age can fully emerge into your story. Tell about your family, the country you live in, your goals and education, your hobbies and recreation. You might have a lot in common.

Be helpful in her journey. Mail brides are brave girls since not everyone is ready to leave everything behind and fly away to start a new life. She just needs one last push, and, sometimes, some money to achieve this goal. If she struggles to get her documents done, google a bureau where it's possible to get documents done in the quickest way. She might not have enough money to fly to your country or money to stay, but people who start over again do that. Provide her with lodging and some food for the first time until she finds a job, and let her flourish in her new life.

Overall, ordering a mail bride online is not hard, it's just constant work of getting to know other people, comparing them in terms of what's more suitable to your standards and getting them to your country, consequently. But if you do this right, you risk being the happiest-looking guy at the workplace whose smile is going to irritate a lot of less lucky people. But hey, at least your marriage life will be perfect!

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