How to Apologize to a Girl in the Best Way

All girls are touchy - it's in their blood. To us, men, these offenses often seem completely groundless. Well, let's not hide the truth: often this is exactly what happens. We sincerely wonder why the girl was offended in a situation where any of us would not have noticed even the slightest reason for insult. The problem is that we - men and women - have completely different psychology. The girl is quite capable of being offended not by the words that you said to her, but by intonation. And let this intonation be connected with the fact that at that moment you were thinking about your boss or your annoying colleague. You will not be able to prove anything. The girl was offended and this fact is definitely not decorating your evening.

How to Apologize to a Girl in the Best Way

Another scenario is possible too: you really hurt a girl with a rude word, an act or a dismissive attitude. You have already realized your guilt and you really want to rectify the situation. But the girl is not ready to listen to you, just as you have not yet managed to find the right words or tactics of action (an apologize message to girlfriend can be a real struggle to come up with). Do not despair - we know what you need to do.

How to Apologize to a Woman: Special Approaches

The way you should apologize to the girl depends on what you did. However, there are a number of rules that will help you prepare the ground for this. These rules are universal. They are based on the main trends of the female psyche, which, by the way, is very complex, but quite amenable to study.

Wait till she calms down.

Emotions weaken over time. We all can shout a little, say foul things in anger, and then calm down. Give her time to recover. She should be calm and restrained so that you can have a normal dialog. You can just tell her to come when she calms down. An emotional talk is not the best thing to do. All that you will achieve is a new quarrel, which can lead to the most unexpected consequences. If you don’t take our word for it, try an experiment: the next time you have a conflict situation with someone, follow your thoughts in the first minutes of the conflict. Try to remember them. Then, after some time, when you completely calm down, analyze them and compare. You will be surprised to find how little reason is there in your thoughts at the moment when you are overwhelmed with emotions. Being in a calm state, a person almost always makes a choice in favor of the scenario that guarantees reconciliation.How to Apologize to a Girl in the Best Way

So, calm down and then think about the best way to apologize to your girlfriend.

Prepare sincere answers.

Be as honest as possible when you ask her for forgiveness. You should not try to appease the girl with the help of false promises. If you decide to apologize, then be ready to admit mistakes and explain why you behaved like that.

You have to show that these are not empty words. That you really analyzed your behavior and will not allow anything like that in the future. Even if you are confused, try to clarify everything. Do not apologize with the help of another lie.

Do not ask for help from other people.

And, in general, do not wash dirty linen in public. Problems must remain between you. And you two should solve them, not someone else. Your girlfriend will get angry because you drag in strangers into your intimate situation. And that you cannot solve the problem yourself. In this case, her anger will be absolutely fair. You are a man, and a man is always responsible for his actions. If you start asking other people to intervene in your situation, you will show your weakness and inability to solve such petty life problems as a quarrel with a girl. What can you say about your reliability regarding other areas of life?

Everything that happens between you should be resolved without the participation of outsiders. The only exception is your mutual consent to make the conflict the property of friends / family / specialist. Yes, asking for professional advice is one of the most popular ways to apologize to your girlfriend, but this should be the last measure.

Give her a chance to speak out if she wants to.

It may be that your girlfriend does not want to listen to what you say to her. Instead, she will have a great desire to speak out herself. Communication is the basis of relationships, so don't be silent. This is absolutely normal, she has accumulated certain claims to you. Keeping them to herself is definitely not worth it. Sooner or later they can explode, like an artillery shell, and the consequences of this explosion can be unpredictable.

Do not interrupt her and do not make excuses. If she is adequate, then these charges are hardly out of nothing. Listen and understand what's bothering her. It will need to be disposed of. But the key factor at this stage is your listening ability. You will need to isolate really valuable information from the stream of curse words - what has offended the girl and what you need to fix.

Keep calm.

If you really want to fix it, you should not get involved in an argument or be angry. It is clear that you will feel upset and tense, but this is normal. You just have to control your emotions and behavior. If you see that she is initially negative and wants to quarrel, control yourself. Indicate that you came to make up, not fight. And if she is not ready for a normal conversation now, then you will postpone it.

But do not let yourself part on negative emotions. Just say that you should continue this conversation another time.

How to apologize when you are not wrong

"I'm sorry". Two simple words that are so hard to pronounce. We just have to say them on trivial occasions, referring to a stranger who was accidentally pushed on the street, or when someone stepped on your foot on a bus. However, when asking for forgiveness is really important, we simply cannot find the words. Inability to apologize can ruin our relationship. Learn to properly apologize: this is truly a man's trait. We won’t talk about cute ways to apologize to your girlfriend right now. But we will tell you about how real men do it.

With humor. To admit that you acted like an idiot, the form of a joke is a great idea. Your girlfriend will agree, laugh, and have no choice but to forgive you. You may play a joke in the form of a stand-up, and not in the form of self-incrimination. No girl wants a man to ask for her forgiveness, coming across as poor and worthless. But she wants you to admit that you acted like an asshole. So how to apologize to a girl? With a joke of course!

Emotionally. Imagine the worst scenario: your girlfriend will leave you for good somewhere in the endless Siberian taiga. Sad, yes? And it makes you want to cry. Beg her for forgiveness with these tears in your eyes, if they are, of course, real. Say that you love her, that you don’t see the future without her and that you hate snow, taiga and Siberia. Imagining such pictures is an effective way to learn how to apologize to someone.

Promise to change. Like the tears from the preceding paragraph, this promise must be sincere if you want to be forgiven. When you lie, she understands it. Imagine: you will have to live in a new way, with new habits, for example, no beer before meeting with her mother. Do you still want to learn how to sincerely apologize? :)

Offer her to “pay damages”. Promise your friend that you will rehabilitate. How? For example, spend all Sunday with her mother - and at the same time completely sober. Making amends is a great way to apologize to a friend if you have something to offer. You may not even have to change your habits and one-time “smoothing” of guilt will be enough.

Punish yourself. It sounds like something cruel and medieval, but such actions will show your girlfriend how much you are feeling guilty. It is necessary to choose something that will make her feel better, but it will not bring you much pleasure, so you will be equal on points. Imagine what it was like when you were sent to the corner as a child. For example, for a month, give up the weekly gatherings at the bar with the dudes. Six months go to the market. Take out the trash for a year.

Write a letter. This technique is suitable for special cases. If you are not good at expressing your thoughts with words or you can easily break into a new showdown, it is better to apologize in a letter. You can even leave the room while she reads it. Just do not write SMS or email. Give her the most usual piece of paper with handwritten letters, where you tell how much she means to you and how sorry you are.

So how to apologize to a woman? Just be a man and listen to your heart!

How to Apologize for Cheating

As the experienced ladies' men say: “You don’t have to admit to cheating if your better half doesn’t have evidence, or you aren’t caught red-handed.” But if the facts are already made public, the person is dear to you, and the betrayal was a mistake, you should step over your ego and ask for forgiveness.

How to Apologize to a Girl in the Best WayAs a rule, cheating occurs in cases when misunderstandings and grievances have ripened, or the relationship has become so routine that it looks more like a swamp. Therefore, to apologize is to start with the fact that you value relationships very much and still love your partner, and this awkward situation happened only because you simply did not have affection and attention from your other half.

Your loved one should have a clear feeling that you love her. This is followed by the frank and sincere repentance, during which your partner must see what you are going through, that this situation brings you the same suffering.

When the words about love and your sincere regret were said, you should sit down next to your beloved and talk in detail, try to explain everything, tell honestly about your infidelity. If you ask a girl for forgiveness, the next day you need to give her a romantic surprise or present a good gift, something that she has long dreamed of.

If you have already seen that the heart of your better half is melting, in order to consolidate the result, you must promise that you will never repeat the betrayal again with your subsequent deeds and actions, you will have to return trust for a long time. Trust will be much more difficult to return than to ask for forgiveness because you can be forgiven, but forgetting that you are capable of cheating is not so easy, although in some cases the fact of infidelity, on the contrary, makes lovers work on relationships more and look after themselves. Therefore, it is better to immediately engage in your own development and not to disregard a partner - this will significantly reduce the likelihood of possible cheating.

How to Apologize Without Saying Sorry

Buy her a gift. Of course, this is the most proven and working method. However, you will not do only with a gift. Be sure to talk and put everything in its place. This can only be a nice addition to your apologies and a guarantee that the girl will move a little faster. This is a small gesture that will show her how you regret what happened.

Say “thank you”. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your efforts. Thank you for being with me. Thank you for your love. Now you know how to apologize to someone you hurt deeply. “Thank you” is the best thing you can say at this point.

Respond with actions. Show that you are sorry for your deeds. Action to recover your relationship is the best alternative to the word “sorry”. So how to apologize to someone? Just go ahead and DO something.

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