St. Valentine’s Day is coming, so you need to prepare. This occasion requires you to pick a present properly and organize something special in order to surprise your loving partner. Just buying a card and having a dinner in a restaurant may come as a banal option. History of Valentine's Day makes it certain that you need to amaze your loved one with a present that is truly worthy. The celebration itself should also be original and creative in order to leave you two with a memorable moment to share. Try to familiarize yourself with Valentine's Day traditions and read the following Valentine's Day ideas to get the best experience out of this wonderful romantic holiday.

valentine's day date ideas

Valentine's Day: History and Traditions

The origin of Valentine's Day can be divided into two equally important parts. It was first connected to romantic love in the times of the great English poet named Geoffrey Chaucer. It was at that time that romantic love itself appeared and then became widespread throughout the whole world. The notion known as courtly love transformed the men-women relationship from its form of purely social arrangement into something more spiritual. Knights served their ladies and at the same time, young people became courageous enough to love despite the will of their parents. It was in the time of early renaissance that the holiday celebrating romantic love appeared.

There are several St. Valentines to whom the name of the holiday is traditionally ascribed. The most famous one was a relatively unknown Christian saint named Valentine who helped Roman soldiers to marry even though they were forbidden to do so. While being in prison for this, he is believed to have healed the Roman Emperor’s daughter. This final gesture of goodwill despite injustice committed against him has placed St. Valentine among the saints and made him into a martyr.

In its most modern form, Valentine's Day origin happened in the middle of the 18th century in England. During this time, the 14th of February was taken on to be the date of the holiday. People in love started to send each other cards with romantic greetings as a gesture of their love. The holiday became a celebration of love and people of love considered it their duty to make an effort and show each other their feeling by sending a present and writing kind words on the cards. Often, cards were anonymous and lovers considered them an invitation to start a relationship. This can be considered the fullest and most famous Valentine's Day history. But, of course, nobody knows, whether it happened for real or it is a legend. A myth or not, people came to love February 14 crafting it into the holiday of romantic love prescribing each and every lover to congratulate his or her loved one by revealing true inner feelings.

Valentine's Day 2024: Great Ideas to Celebrate

The best ideas are original ones. You need to be creative to come up with something that will differentiate you from others. It is especially important if you’re celebrating your first Valentine’s Day with your loved one. The following is a list of relatively great first Valentine's Day ideas that may pretty well increase your chances for success. Just remember to be original and express yourself creatively using the provided ideas as templates for your own ones.

valentine's day gifts for her

An Event

One of the great Valentine's Day date ideas is to visit some kind of an event. For example, you can attend a special party, a festival, a concert or an event of any kind. A lot of things happen this day, so you ’re going to have a lot of options to choose from. You should probably Google your way to it. Search on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter what parties, events, and festivals are scheduled for the day. You may perhaps book a ticket in advance or even buy it beforehand, so don’t forget about planning. Never forget that the best way to have a perfect holiday is to plan it in advance. These parties and events usually happen in the evening, so it is just a final part of your Valentine’s Day celebration, its culmination. Thus, you need to know how to start it as well.

A Visit to a Place

You can always go to the cinema, attend a concert, visit a gallery, zoo or even organize a party at your own home all by yourself. Valentine's Day dinner ideas can be quite diverse. The banalest thing is just to go to a restaurant to eat and drink. Disregarding the restaurant, this idea is ultimately banal. In other words, it is a cliché. If you want to organize a dinner, the best thing to do is to make it at your own home. If you can’t do it, then you should visit a place that offers more than just food and drinks. Consider going to a place with a live music or any other kind of performance. You can even have a breakfast to celebrate Valentine’s Day that will prove to be enough for those who care about eating a meal. One of the great Valentine's Day breakfast ideas is to visit a place with good food in the morning instead of going there in the evening and wasting your time on just sitting in front of each other at the table instead of participating in something.

Just a Walk

Finally, it is not important to visit any place or attend an event. It is quite possible that just a walk in the park or a wandering through streets might come as the best available option. Moreover, this way you’ll surely be alone with your partner. Intimate atmosphere and secluded space are crucial if you want to really open to your partner. It will also make it possible for your partner to open to you. So, consider a walk through the city center to just see what is going on. This way you two will surely be alone but adventures are still possible. You can meet someone, do something and happen to notice a perfect place you want to visit. Without any doubt, a walk is a good idea for a Valentine’s Day celebration, no matter how simple and ordinary it sounds at first.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her: Make Her Happy!

St. Valentine’s Day cannot be celebrated without a proper present for your loved one. You should definitely think about it in advance for the present to have the most powerful effect possible. Presenting the loved ones with Valentine's Day gifts is an integral part of the holiday. It is traditionally considered crucial to give a person you’re in love with something special to express your care and attention. Read the following info to get the idea of the best Valentine's Day gifts.

Something Spicy

One of the best Valentine's Day gifts for her is to buy something spicy. What does it mean? You can go for some exotic lingerie or really erotic underwear. This will surely prove your intentions. The woman you’re buying it for will consider wearing it for you. That is surely an advantage you won’t regret. You can also buy some sex toy without worrying that it might offend your girlfriend. On the contrary, it will be a step forward in the relationship for you. Valentine’s Day provides the best opportunity to speed up your relationship and move forward towards something that you two surely want but are afraid to do. So, consider buying something spicy and don’t be afraid it might offend your partner. In case it does, it only means that your partner is somewhat alienated from you and is not really ready for what you want from a relationship.

best valentine's day gifts for her

Something Original

Another good option is to buy something original. But the trick here is that you can’t follow any advice. You need to come up with the idea for a present all by yourself. Otherwise, it just won’t be original. Therefore, think about what your partner likes or may like. Think hard, for a day or two, make a long shopping walk through all the majoring shopping places. See things, think about them, and find out what it is that your loved one might like. Try to remember what she may have said in the past about what she really wants. It is really better not to make any present than to make a bad one. Believe it or not but a present really can offend a person because people are naturally capricious about presents. They either like them or they hate them. In other words, there’re no two ways about it. You just cannot be advised to buy something special. You must know it because you’re the only one who can do it properly. Otherwise, it just won’t be original like it is supposed to be. And it is definitely ought to be original because that is what it’s all about – being original and creative.

Some of the Trendy Gifts

For a 2024 holiday, a watch or a new camera (for example, a very trendy Fujifix Insta) can serve as good Valentine's Day gifts for her. Channel #19 is always in style and any woman would surely like it for a present. Consider buying two tickets for some hot and trendy show everybody is talking about. Of course, clothes make some of the best Valentine's Day gifts for a girlfriend. But you need to be careful here. Be attentive to the size and look. Consider giving her some options, maybe asking her a couple weeks before the actual holiday what he likes and what she does not, what she wants or doesn’t want. You can easily guess the size buying a pair of pajamas. Women also like kitchenware and any stuff that can be integrated into your house’s style. These include vases, little sofas, some interesting shelves, originally looking lamps, etc. Your girlfriend will be twice as happy because you will show that you care about your household just as well as she does.

Okay, now you know some of the best options you have for celebrating St. Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to be original and creative in your approach. Without any doubt, that is what matters most when it comes to making a holiday really memorable. Good luck and have fun!

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