Natural resources are not eternal, and ecological issues touch everybody. In recent years, these simple truths have sparkled with new colors due to the global trend of growing ecological consciousness. Eco-consciousness is beneficial not only to the planet but also to each of us.

The principle of “zero waste” offers a simple solution to the most complex environmental problems: it reduces environmental pollution (by reducing toxic emissions into soil and air) and saves natural resources (due to reduced consumption). However, the merits of a zero-waste lifestyle are not limited just to natural benefits. Over time, the principle of “zero waste” will enrich your life. It may seem to an inexperienced observer that wasteless life takes up too much time and money, but this is not so. More and more people and brands are aware of the scale of eco-problems. Therefore, they actively look for new ways to help nature or at least reduce the harmful influence on it. So, understanding the increased issues has given rise to the appearance and development of the eco-friendly concept. Nowadays, it is already not that difficult to come up with eco-friendly gifts ideas.

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When Did the Tendency for Eco Gifts Appear?

To follow eco-friendly tips can be very helpful, even if you are skeptical of a movement that is gaining its momentum. An eco-friendly lifestyle, in addition to "improving" the environment, can lead to awareness. After all, an eco-friendly lifestyle also includes a slowdown philosophy, which many people who are living in noisy megacities should think about. And women seeking younger men should pay attention to peers.

It is predicted that in 10 years, companies that don’t create products marked “Eco” will be in little demand. The main root cause is the consequences of aggressive environmental impact and awareness of the late millennials and representatives of generation Z. After all, they will experience everything that people are talking about today: large-scale cataclysms and terrible fury of nature. And for them, the manufacturer’s activity in reducing harm to nature is an essential element for building trusting relations with a brand. Talking about eco-friendly products and natural organic gifts, it is necessary to mention that unnecessary gifts are the most meaningless things in any home. Why? Because it’s hard to find a place for them, and it’s hard to throw them away since the person presented them with sincere feelings. And things are not to blame for being not to your liking, it’s like with the pictures of women looking for older men.

That is why it is worth carefully considering a gift for your friends, relatives and, of course, beloved ones. The manifestation of love and care does not depend on nationality or religion. To present competent and necessary gifts is a talent! And what can be more useful than unique eco-friendly gifts?

Indeed, the popularity of expensive and cheap eco-friendly gifts is growing steadily. Thus, according to the results of the survey, this indicator has increased almost 5 times since 2011 when this tendency appeared. The point is not only about a rise in the purchasing power of the population. Consumers have begun to think about the environment and their own health, so the number of people who try to come up with eco-friendly gift ideas is growing every week.

Environmental issues make us think about how important it is now to turn to conscious and reasonable consumption. If you are preparing for a holiday with your beloved one and looking for a gift, you should try to make this bright event more eco-friendly. Below you will find gifts for an eco-friendly woman.

Ways to Choose the Right Gift

What do you think makes your gift special? Is it about its price? Is it about its popularity? Or a good advertising campaign? All these things can have some value, but they are not of crucial importance. The right gift is one that brings many positive emotions and makes a woman smile all the time after receiving it. If you have done everything right, then your gift will significantly affect the mood of your beloved one on this special day.

eco friendly gift guideThis applies to any gift for any reason, therefore, pay special attention that the gift meets the expectations as much as possible. For example, if it’s about her birthday, then you should understand that she will be waiting for something special and meaningful, while for some other occasions, it can be just a nice and useful present. So, if you are going to choose a gift for your girlfriend, but you don’t know where to start, pay attention to the following tips that help sort it all out.

Plan your budget

The very first thing you need to do is to understand how much money you are ready to spend on your gift. The sum will influence your further actions and dictate the price category of the eco-friendly gift ideas for her. Consider the fact that you may want to take your girlfriend for a dinner to a good restaurant, so you should know your limits. The same gift made of different eco-friendly materials will have different prices.

Try to find out about preferences

To please your girlfriend, you should try to do your best to find out her preferences. It will be not that hard to do since girls like to talk about things they want to get or ones that drew their attention. So, the only thing you need to do is to listen to your woman and make some notes. Actually, if she adheres to zero-waste philosophy, then she will tell you a lot about her desires and thoughts. Decide on your budget and discover her preferences, thus a half of the work will be done.

Choose a gift considering the personality

Any girl dreams about dating a guy who will understand her personality, be attentive and caring, so if you want to please your beloved woman, then consider her individuality, reflecting on eco-friendly ideas. If you have started relationships with her, then there is something special about her. Use all your knowledge when picking up the right gift. Most girls like to get useful presents that will not be left on a shelf but will be actively used whenever possible.

Try hand-making the gift

Some people believe that a special gift is only the one you have made with your own hands. If you share this point of view, then you can think about some green gift ideas. On the Internet, you can find a huge number of guides on how to create this or that thing, so you will not be left on your own with this task. It doesn’t really matter what it will be, body scrub or a cute jewelry box, the very thing is that you will put a part of your soul into it.

Personalize your gift

Nonetheless, even if you have bought ready-made organic gifts for her, you can still add some magic to it, making it more personalized. Consider all the above-mentioned tips, reflect on the personality of your beloved woman and come up with the best option. For example, you can order some interesting inscriptions of the bottle or a shopper bag with her favorite quote or picture.

Best Eco Gift Ideas

The zero-wasting trend, a philosophy that requires reducing waste to save the planet has been in vogue for the last years. To become more responsible for the damage you do to the environment does not mean to abandon everything you like. Today you can find all the possible information about eco-products and the essence of this trend in general. The market is increasingly represented by companies that create reusable palettes and minimal eco-packaging. In every city, you can find eco-shops, offering a big number of different useful and pleasant things, so it will not be difficult to find something to your liking. Here is a short eco-friendly gift guide that may come you in handy when choosing a gift for your beloved girlfriend.

1. Reusable bottle

Many people around the world support the movement against the use of disposable plastic cups and bottles. A great solution to reduce the amount of plastic on the planet is a metal bottle for water. A true admirer of a zero-waste trend or a beginner will definitely like this gift. After all, drinking from such a bottle is much better than throwing out a plastic bottle every day. For example, a bottle made of 100% stainless steel with a steel lid and a bamboo insert will become not only a pleasant and useful gift for winter colds but also environmentally friendly.

2. Organic cosmetics

This type of cosmetics has already gained huge popularity and managed to win the love of the fair sex. Organic decorative cosmetics meets the highest environmental standards and is safe for the human body. Such cosmetics are made according to ancient Indian and Moroccan recipes. It contains exclusively natural minerals, vegetable pigments, and natural oils. If you don’t know what to choose exactly, you can always present a gift certificate or gift card.

3. Handmade soap

One of the best organic gifts is handmade soap. It usually includes natural ingredients: milk, honey, oats, chocolate, essential oils, clay. Even though it has a non-standard shape, it has very soft and pleasant colors of natural shades. The composition of natural soap includes coconut, olive, grape seed oil, which by their natural properties help moisturize and nourish the skin. Such a soap can be made with your hands, and a handmade gift can be much more pleasant to receive: a person sees that you have spent your time on it, and it is worth a lot. Well, if your time is a very valuable resource, and you cannot devote it to creating a hand-made soap, then you can always go to the shopping centers or specialized cosmetic natural goods stores.

4. Organic tea

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a person who doesn’t drink tea. Even the most avid coffee lovers enjoy a drink from the leaves of the tea tree at least once a day. Therefore, a great eco gift is a package of true organic tea. It is unlikely that you will be able to find something alike in the supermarket, so you have to find a store specializing in eco-goods. Be sure to pay attention to the product certificate of conformity! What is the advantage of organic tea over ordinary tea? The main difference lies in the process of cultivation and production. The land on which tea trees grow is cultivated without any chemical fertilizers, which allows you to maintain the ideal aromatic and taste qualities of the drink. In addition, only natural flowers and fruits serve as fragrances in organic tea. Each sip of such a drink gives an unforgettable pleasure!

gifts for eco friendly woman5. Notebooks and pens

If your girlfriend is one of the stationery lovers or just those who constantly need them, then you can give notebooks and pens made of recycled materials from paper cups for coffee and tea. Some public organizations implemented this idea many years ago, so it will not be difficult to find something interesting and real decisive. Besides, in most cases, such albums and notebooks look very stylish, and you can order them with or without drawings.

6. Organic candles

All kinds of scented candles and sticks are a popular gift for everyone who likes to enjoy the comfort of the hearth. Using them, you can create a unique atmosphere of relaxation and harmony, which has a beneficial effect on the human body. The main difference between eco-candles and others is, of course, their material. They are made of natural wax or soya, aromatic oils, and cotton, which serves as the basis for the wick. Beeswax candles reflect their natural side: in addition to a warm golden color, they have a pleasant honey smell. With the help of natural scented candles or sticks, you can get rid of headaches or fatigue as well as truly relax. Organic aromatherapy is an excellent eco gift for a person of any gender and age.

7. Potted plant

A green flower in a pot, which, unlike cut flowers, will live much longer than a week, can also be considered an excellent option for an environmentally friendly gift. First, you should pay attention to the plant itself and the person to whom you give it. If a girl is too busy to take care of the plant, then any kind of succulents and cacti will be good options. Poinsettia can be called a particularly festive plant: it has been given the nickname "Christmas star" thanks to its appearance. Besides, pay attention to the pot in which your gift flower will be placed. Look at pots made of ceramics, petrified wood, marble, glass, metal or natural stone.

8. Blanket made of natural materials

A soft and warm blanket is considered the symbol of home coziness and comfort, so such a gift will leave only a positive impression on the girl. Nowadays, the choice of blankets is huge: you can warm up with its help (its original function) and decorate your home. The main thing that distinguishes a home blanket from, say, a road one is its beauty, softness and the mood that its design creates. Just opt for natural materials: fur, wool, cotton, silk, and bamboo.

9. Shopper bag

Along with reusable bottles, people have started using shoppers instead of plastic bags. This is not surprising: many of them are compact enough for shopping, and some are even able to replace the usual bag for every day. So, the shopper bag has become a tool for rejecting synthetic materials, you can pick up such a gift from biodegradable components: kraft material, cotton, tight jeans, linen or canvas.

10. DIY photo album

As we have already noted, some people will be extremely pleased to get a homemade gift. And one that combines not only aesthetics but also emotions, is even a better option. Therefore, you can create a photo album with your own hands. Collect the most vivid photographs of your relationships, these may be some events that you attended with the girl or just dear moments of your life together or funny pictures. You can place them on eco-friendly craft paper.

Become Eco-Friendly

An eco-friendly lifestyle is not only the purification of nature but also your inner world. A conscious attitude towards the environment begins with a conscious attitude towards yourself and your beloved ones. You will not be able to get rid of the garbage around if it is in your head. Therefore, start with small steps, and a thoughtful pace of life will lead you to new spiritual heights. Do not be afraid to act because everything is in your hands!

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