Often when evaluating the life of a single person, we take into consideration standards of bachelor and family life.

Why Being Single Is Okay

For example, why all publications describing the perks of being single are based on a story of some sort of a bachelor, completely deprived of women's attention, or some sort of an old bat, men do not pay attention to, unless she is parolee or something?

happy being single

And what if the hero of the story is a beauty who does not want to live in a golden cage or a nymphomaniac, whose needs for sex can never be satisfied by one partner? I am also a bachelor, but I do not remain without women's love and attention for more than half of a day. What I mean here is that every issue should be considered taking into account as many opinions as possible. Only in this case you will get an opportunity to take the issue objectively and unbiased.

You see, I have been through all the stages personally - from being a bachelor to being a husband and back to being single. Besides, I have known a lot of families from the moment of their creation to their total distraction, so I can evaluate and comment on many of the points you might be interested in objectively. Well, the truth is really born within a set of opinions. And it will not be difficult for you to isolate the most widespread and important mistakes people make in marriages and outside it, so that you can prevent them from happening to you.

Actually, single life may be of two types: when we do not want to see someone and when we cannot do it. The difference is huge, since in the first case a person leads a life full of activities, including sexual activity, and in the second case, he is harassed about the fact that he cannot lead a life the way he wants to, and often even does not know why it happen.

Here I am going to analyze everything not only as a man but as a convinced bachelor not burdened by an inferiority complex due to the absence of Married stamp in my passport, that is, as a normal male with all the ensuing consequences. This is the only possible way to find out all the charms and shortcomings of a single life. This is the only possible way to understand its global sense, and forget about small stuff like socks all over the floor or computer games 24/7.

We, guys, understand how to measure our happiness. It is clear that you cannot measure it by the time spouses spend in front of TV or the time one of the spouses spends while waiting for the other one to get ready. Getting married is a simple matter, but it is much more important and difficult to set your life so that a few years of marriage do not feel like a horror film. Here you can look through things you will have to give up for your family and things the family will help you gain instead.

Benefits Of Being Single

So why being single is better? As for the advantages of being single - they are obvious but before I share them on a gender basis, I would like to set out some general principles. So, the main postulate in favor of being single is freedom. It is the freedom in all its manifestations, starting with freedom of speech and ending with freedom of body, when there are no boundaries except for legislative ones.

how to be okay with being single

The second thing that I want to attribute to the advantages of being single is the absence of joint responsibility, which (despite sounding honorable) imposes a very heavy burden, which half of couples cannot endure.

The third point is about the lack of evaluation categories. Every person reacts extremely painfully to an assessment of his appearance, his mind, professional and housekeeping skills, especially when said by a person he cares about. Marriage is full of such situations, and it is a real challenge to go through it. I agree, financial burden affects a man and a woman in different ways, but it presses both of them unequivocally. Family money is always not enough, while a bachelor’s budget is much more flexible.

The absence of communication problems is also an important factor among the advantages of being single. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year and so all my life - being single is awesome, as you are not obligated to communicate with anyone.

Are you happy to be single? A bachelor is a child deprived of caring parents. Yes, on the one hand you do not have enough of mom’s delicious soup, you wake up and go to work, so you do not have time to take care about your appearance, but what a tremendous satisfaction you get from the fact that you do not owe anything to anyone and are free to do everything you want. You can come home any time you want or not come at all. You can bring your friends and hang out with them until the morning or bring a girl and hook up.

So how to enjoy being single? You are free to do anything that your parents used to forbid, and that your wife will definitely forbid, and this is really a big benefit of being single and happy. The thing is that all men crave for permissiveness and it takes tremendous willpower to let it go in marriage. Commitments mean responsibility that most men fear as a fire. Well, being responsible for my own life and wellbeing is fine but taking responsibilities for partner’s wellbeing is too much, alas. Family life makes partners feel as a whole and as a result, any word either caresses or breaks your heart, especially if it concerns your sexual abilities. In a single life, one can always justify himself with the phrase, “it did not hurt at all,” and in a family such a blow can become fatal. Money is evil, because in family, no matter whether you have it or not, it leads to very significant misunderstandings. The man is an earner, therefore, he is the one who must decide this question at any cost, but what if he fails?

The most desirable thing that attracts men to single life is the opportunity to be single, alone with your thoughts, fantasies and desires without trying to explain why you want or do not want certain things.

If the male concept of bachelor freedom is associated with doing nothing, the female, on the contrary, suggests using all free time for one's own perfection and improvement. No, she also holds parties, of course, but she does it all with taste, sense of order, because even a bachelor tries to find the right partner for long-term relationships. As for the joint responsibility - women are not afraid of it, because she will do everything that concerns her directly, and everything else will remain to her beloved. No offense, dear ladies, but you are bad at calculating and predicting situations. The positive thing is plenty of free time before marriage, which you can spend completely on yourself. If we talk about money - the girls do not really care about it, especially cute ones, because this is how things work: single women spend money of men who are wooing them and married women spend their husband’s money. Speaking about the communicability, single females are, perhaps, still less dependent, because they can easily communicate whenever they want and with whomever they want to. You do not need to be a genius to understand that single women gain more in marriage than single men do, hence the desire to marry is more popular among the first ones.

Drawbacks of being single

As for the main disadvantages of life outside of marriage - they are several, and no less serious than the pros, in my opinion, of course. So why men experience fear of being single? The very first shortcoming is the so-called rare sex. It's not that it is impossible to organize intimate life when being single, it's just a marriage does it by default. The second huge drawback, which prevents you from feeling happy being single, is the lack of family relations, family, children, etc. Indeed, it is crucial to experience all the delights and burdens of family life, otherwise there is a chance not to leave any traces, either good or bad.

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Another important shortcoming, one can note, is an unhealthy way of life. While in marriage partners support each other and sometimes lecture, being single means you are all alone. Usually men suffer more in this case, although women are also not comfortable with paying money to plumbers and other specialists when they need to fix something about the house. Lack of control spoil even the sweetest freedom. Two heads are better than one, so the bachelor's mistakes are more significant than of married people. Furthermore, according to doctors, bachelors fall into the risk zone, as the ones who are prone to various diseases. It is understandable, because the lack of regular sex together with irregular eating is unlikely to make you a healthy leader.

Personally, I do not understand why a man having a clear mind and hard penis cannot provide himself with a regular, in his opinion, sex life. Most likely, such a drawback is individual, although a common thing. As for the family, children and the whole community-related society, it is true. Indeed, the main role of men is the continuation of the human race, so the lack of such a fact as fertilization in the life of a man can be considered a real minus. If we talk about everyday life - only some individuals (I'm not one of them) are able to secure their living without wives, so most often a man goes down without the one in all respects except for beer and tobacco consumption, of course. A man often has to make responsible decisions, therefore, the number of erroneous decisions will be higher with the absence of the main adviser – his wife. So it is fine if you are tired of being single.

Women are more scrupulous when picking sexual partners, they can hardly bring a stranger and hook up without even asking his name. Naturally, rare sex for a woman is a serious drawback, which most of women plan to get rid of by means of marriage. Another big disadvantage for a woman is the lack of family relationships, as most of them are craving for family. This one looks even worse if she compares her life with the lives of her married friends. The lack of control can affect females even worse, because they are prone to addictions to a greater extent. In my opinion, nowadays, control is even more required by women.

How To Be Single And Happy

Here are some facts that will help you realize how to be okay with being single:

  • Most of the females are positive in marriage, while most married men are far from being optimistic in marriage.
  • You will hardly meet total bachelors among women. Even though single women are a pretty common phenomenon, total female bachelors are not.
  • There are spouses who enjoy marriage and those who find it burdensome. This is a popular marriage problem, by the way.
  • Marriage changes habits of people dramatically, which you will face sooner or later in the relationship, unless, of course, your marriage is perfect.
  • A happy marriage makes spouses see only benefits, while an unhappy one makes you feel like it is a total disaster.
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