TikTok is a creation of Chinese developers that continues to conquer the world. This social network allows its users to upload and edit video content by adding various filters and music. The number of downloads of this app in the world has already exceeded the audience of Instagram, as well as the average length of time that users spend on the app. To say more, on a monthly basis, TikTok is used by more people than Snapchat or Twitter. Hollywood stars such as Dwayne Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Will Smith have accounts on this social network too: they all publish unique content, trying to outplay popular TikTok trends and flashmobs in their videos. Cute TikTok girls also enjoy huge popularity on this service, and today, we are going to focus on them.

14 hottest TikTok girls

Millions of people follow their lives on the Internet, they are asked to participate in fashion shows, appear in commercials, and work with fashion collaborations. This is not about Hollywood stars or Instagram models but about sexy TikTok girls who have already become one of the main influencers in recent years. Let's take a look at the TikTok hot girls and find out what videos they post, how many subscribers they have on their TikTok accounts, and what else do they do besides that.

Charli Damelio

Followers: 74.2M

tik tok girls

Charli began her TikTok career in the midyear of 2019 – that time it was possible to become famous with the help of uncomplicated dances and lip-syncs. The first Charli's video that brought her success was the "Move with Joy" with unpretentious choreography – users watched it more than one million times. After that, Damelio's followers began to increase rapidly. Afterwards, the American singer Bebe Rexha noticed Charli's dancing and invited the girl to participate at a concert together with the Jonas Brothers. And videos of Charli's performance at this concert brought Damelio fantastic popularity.

Loren Gray

Followers: 45.9M

This is one of the most famous TikTok girls. Loren is an American model, singer, and popular blogger. The girl achieved popularity thanks to her musical creativity, doll-like appearance, and broad outlook – by the age of 15, she was already a nominee for prestigious music awards. Fans love her for being easy to get in touch with her followers.

Loren became one of the first bloggers on the Musical.ly app, which was later merged with TikTok. Her first content on TT is lip-syncing and dancing. To attract followers, Loren used all her social networks and arranged joint shooting with other bloggers. 

Dina Saeva

Followers: 12M

hot tik tok girls

Now, a 20-year-old beauty from Dushanbe posts different content, but Dina became famous for her videos with dances to the music of the peoples of Central Asia. The beauty is a real self-made star, the girl said that there were times when she and her family had nowhere to live, and the parents' earnings were not enough for the most necessary things. Today, Dina can afford expensive branded items, and recently, the girl has shared with followers that she spent more than $9 thousand in a few days.

Dina actively collaborates with many brands and works as a model. According to Forbes, the girl earned 10 million rubles in less than a year. For a long time, there were strong rumors that Dina was dating Yegor Creed (a famous Russian singer), the couple constantly posted joint videos, the girl starred in Yegor's video, but later, Dina dispelled the rumors saying that she and Yegor are just on friendly terms.

Ariel Rebecca Martin

Followers: 30,3M

Ariel Rebecca Martin is popular in the TikTok app under the pseudonym Baby Ariel. Ariel shoots vibrant dance videos, but it is not the mere reason of her popularity. The girl records songs, takes part in the filming of TV series, and becomes a guest on different talk shows. Ariel's campaign against bullying at school, which Ariel launched in 2015, brought her real recognition from her fans. Two years later, Time magazine identified this beauty as one of the most influential bloggers in the world. 

Kristen Hancher

Followers: 23,4M

sexy tik tok girls

Before becoming a famous TikToker, Kristen Hancher published makeup tutorials on YouTube, but she completely changed her profile for the TikTok videos. Now, Kristen records short videos to musical hits, in which she demonstrates not only excellent makeup skills and bold experiments with her fashion style but also graceful dancing moves, as well as her amazing facial expressions. Followers consider Kristen not only funny but also one of the hottest girls on tik tok.


Followers: 7,1M

Maryana Ro (Maryana Rozhkova) is a young video blogger, one of the leaders of the Russian-speaking YouTube segment. On her TikTok account, the girl posts bright, positive videos about her personal life, talks about her experience in traveling and shares the secrets of makeup. 

Anya Pokrovskaya

Followers: 7.2M

hot girls on tik tok

Ann is a well-known Russian blogger on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, and a member of the Dream Team House. The girl creates funny videos, sings, and dances. And her attractive Slavic appearance perfectly complements all of this. Ann can be rightly included in the list of hot TikTok girls!

Anna has over 7.2 million followers on TikTok and over 400 million likes. In addition, more than 3.9 million users have subscribed to Ann's Instagram – you can find there different photos of her fashion looks, pictures with friends, and funny sketches.

Olya Shelby

Followers: 18,5M

Olya Shelby is the pseudonym of Olga Shevchenko, a famous Ukrainian actress, singer, blogger, and a member of the Dream Team House since November 15, 2020. The girl has a very graceful and feminine style, she loves to wear cute dresses and high-heeled shoes. In combination with personal beauty, this all makes her one of TikTok sexy girls. In general, all Ukrainian ladies are extremely attractive. You can surely meet a hot girlfriend in this country!

Today, Olya Shelby is actively involved in writing new songs, preparing for acting projects, and shooting videos on TikTok. From time to time, the girl participates in various shows. Olga has over 900 thousand followers on TikTok and over 18.5 million likes for the entire time.

Anastasia Useeva

Followers: 6,9M

sexy girls on tik tok

Anastasia Useeva is a well-known Russian blogger on TikTok and a member of the Dream Team House. The charismatic, artistic, and attractive girl has become very popular among young people thanks to her talent for creating entertaining content. Nature endowed the girl with a graceful figure and beautiful facial features. That is why a lot of users are looking for her hot photos on the Internet.

Ann Porter

Followers: 1,4M

Ann Porter is a famous Russian YouTuber, Insta blogger, and TikToker. Anna was one of the first to start shooting videos on a mystical theme, so she quickly became popular. It’s impossible for guys to overlook Ann's beauty. Bright-colored eyes, beautiful lips, sweet smile – all this gives the girl a certain charm and attractiveness. There is no doubt – Ann Porter is one of the best TikTok girls! But she already has a boyfriend, so if you want to meet a hot and funny lady, it is better to look for single girls online!

Addison Rae

famous tik tok girls

Followers: 70,3M

"Addison Rae" is the pseudonym for Addison Easterling, a famous American blogger on Tik Tok. She is popular for her beautiful looks and amazing personality when creating short, funny, dance videos. Addison has beautiful big brown eyes and long silky hair. She is a young and attractive female blogger who receives tons of compliments from the representatives of the opposite sex.

Yuliya Gavrilina

Followers: 2,6M

Yuliya Gavrilina is a famous Russian TikTok blogger and a member of Hype House Rus since March 2020. The girl became popular due to her extraordinary appearance, unusual voice (with pleasant hoarseness), as well as dancing, and funny short videos. Yuliya is one of the hot girls on TikTok with brown hair and grayish eyes that draw the attention of many guys.

Diana Aster

Followers: 6,9M

cute tik tok girls

Diana Aster (real Diana Dmitrieva) is a famous Russian TikToker, an Insta blogger, and a member of Dream Team House since spring 2020. Many people also know her under the pseudonym "Di Barbie". The image of this young girl is often compared to a doll. However, Diana is popular not only for her appearance but also because of her amazing artistic and dancing talents. 

Nastya Ryzhik

Followers: 3M

Nastya Ryzhik is a pseudonym (Anastasia refuses to give her real name) of a famous TikTok blogger, an Insta blogger, and a YouTuber. The girl is popular not only for her fiery appearance and funny vines on the TikTok app but also for her YouTube activities. On Tik-Tok, Nastya has over 3 million subscribers and over 72 million likes for all the time. A red-haired slender girl with dark-brown eyes has always attracted followers of the opposite sex. She is one of the most beautiful girls on Tik-Tok!

Final Thoughts

And so, you learned about young and ambitious girls with a good sense of humor who managed to capture the hearts of a great many people on TikTok in a short period of time. In general, TikTok is a great place to express yourself. Many girls, whom nature endowed with beautiful external data, embraced the opportunity, gain millions of followers on TikTok, and become popular. The above-mentioned sexy girls on TikTok are a great example of the fact that the main thing is to believe in yourself and not be afraid to demonstrate your creativity to other people. Feel free to show yourself on social networks – you run a chance to become famous!

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