Every week people all over the world are waiting for the weekend to come so that they can spend their free time with pleasure. Today’s entertainment industry offers a lot of activities. Russians have similar to Western entertainments: theater, cinema, shopping malls, sports, cafes, night clubs, etc. Obviously, city dwellers have more opportunities in comparison with those people living in the country. While there is only one bar or a disco where the locals can spend their free weekend nights, the range of activities in the cities is much more diverse. However, there are some activities that are common for the city dwellers as well as for the villagers.

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Reading. Yes, a lot of Russian women are keen readers. There is not a particular genre that is the most popular among these women because all of them have their own tastes in literature. As all women, they like to read romantic novels and detective stories and thumb through fashion magazines. Many of them read from their e-books which are the convenient alternatives for paperbacks.

Watching TV-shows. Many Russian women get pretty tired during the day and want just to relax on a sofa in front of a telly. They like to watch different series and programs and then discuss the details with their friends. However, these days, television is not so popular as the Web is. Most women in their 20s prefer surfing the Internet and looking for something to watch, read, or listen.

Quality time with family. The main concern of all Russian women is a lack of free time. That is why they want to spend their free hours after their working day and their weekends together with their family. Unmarried girls usually visit their parents and relatives, while married women dedicate their free time to their husbands and kids.

Shopping. This is one of the most popular women’s pastimes in the whole world. Russian women also like to go shopping. Although very often it turns just into window-shopping, they get a kick out of the process. Usually, they go to the shopping malls with their female friends and can spend the whole day there.

Eating out. Generally, Russians prefer eating at home. This rule mostly applies to people living in small towns and villages. However, the situation is quite different in big cities where there are a lot of different cafes, sushi bars, and restaurants. The restaurants are popular mainly among wealthy people who can afford to dine out. Small cafés and coffee shops are usually the places where Russian women see their friends on weekends. They rarely go to these places alone.

Night clubs. Many Russian girls spend their weekend nights in clubs. They come there to dance, have fun and socialize. Since the clubs have dress-code, girls do their best to look great and get in there.

Picnics. Russian women enjoy being closer to nature. During the warm periods of the year they go out of town farther from hustle and bustle of a busy city. If they have a picnic at the river, they combine it with sunbathing, swimming, and active sports. If they go to the wood, they breathe in clean air and have a great time with their friends.

Theatre. Those Russian women who like art and have a sense of beauty, spend their free time going to the theaters and opera houses, visiting art galleries, exhibitions, or museums.

New experiences. Russian women are curious about the world around them that is why many of them spend their free time exploring Russian cities or going abroad. A lot of women dedicate their free time to their hobbies. Some women decide to try their hand at something new by taking master classes.

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