Each pre-dating or pre-relationship stage is a period when you demonstrate your interest in a woman and try to impress her. Russian girls are gorgeous and mysterious. It’s hard for men to understand what women want and in the case of Russian ladies, it becomes even more challenging to see through them. Just like other women, Russian girls like men’s attention. If you’ve decided to win the heart of a Russian girl, you may be wondering what you should do and how you should act to get her interested in you. Whether you communicate online or want to date in real life, the following tips will help you make a good impression on Russian beauties.

Compliment her. All women like compliments. At the same time, different cultures treat compliments differently. For example, in Russia, people doubt compliments because those remarks always contain a shade of insincerity. Since Russians value frankness, they don’t take compliments very seriously. If you are on an online dating site and you’ve come across a beautiful Russian girl whom you’d like to write, start your conversation by paying her a compliment. Your main purpose should be to make your compliment sound original and as sincere as possible. She must receive a lot of letters from other foreign men every day and all of them write how extremely beautiful she is. If you want to stand out in a crowd, try to be more creative but don’t go too far. Avoid generalizations and compliment her particular features such as a cute mole on her cheek or nice curly hair. Also, don’t bombard her with flattery because it will turn her off. When you get to know a girl better, you can start complimenting her not only on her looks but also on her personal qualities.


Be a gentleman. Chivalry is not dead in Russia. Russians date in an old-fashioned way compared to Western dating culture. Be ready to observe all the rules of gallantry in order to impress a Russian girl.

  • Help her get out of a car by offering her your hand.
  • Open a door and let her enter first.
  • While taking a stroll, offer her your arm. She will appreciate your move, especially if she is wearing high heels and needs support.
  • Greet her in an old-school manner by taking her hand and kissing it. This is the move Russian girls are crazy about. It reminds them of the last centuries’ habits and makes them feel like real princesses.
  • It is customary for a man to stand up when a woman enters the room or when he sees her approaching (in a restaurant, for example).
  • Stand up when she gets up from the table.
  • Help her take off/on her coat.
  • When you dine together, watch your woman’s glass and fill it if it’s empty.

Be a good listener. One of the manifestations of courtesy is the ability to listen attentively to your interlocutor. It’s an undeniable fact that women like to talk. They often complain that men are bad listeners and in most cases their talking goes in one ear and out of the other. However, if you want to impress a Russian girl, listen carefully when she speaks and give your feedback from time to time to show that you’re really all ears.

Dress sharp. Women are hard to perceive especially when it comes to their own understanding of relationships. They are inclined to think that one of the signs that a man is interested in a woman is the way he dresses when he is with her. You must have noticed that Russian girls pay much attention to their appearance. They dress to impress and they really do. However, they also want to see a well-groomed and smartly dressed man by their side. So, if you’re going on a date with a Russian girl, do your best and dress up to the nines. The biggest turnoff for most Russian women is to see a man wearing sweatpants combined with classic shoes. Avoid T-shirts with witty prints that are also out of place on a date. Pay attention to your shoes; make sure they are clean and polished. Even if it’s summer, wearing sandals is a bad idea if you go out with a woman. Remember that by the way you take care of your looks, women will judge whether you care much about them.

Express your interest in her. A Russian woman needs to know and feel that you are interested not only in her great looks but also in her rich inner world. To reassure her that she attracts you as a personality, ask her to tell about herself. Ask her about her job, hobbies, passions, etc. She will be glad to tell you about her hometown and her family. Tell her about yourself in return. This way you’ll let her know that you’re serious about her since you want to know so many things about her life.

Give her flowers. The best way to demonstrate your affection to a Russian girl is to give her flowers. Unlike most Western countries where bringing flowers for a date is considered obsolete, in Russia, it’s a must. Flowers are associated with appreciation and romance, so show your romantic intentions by giving a Russian girl a bunch of roses.

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