Every profession has its own specific features, but a job associated with regular traveling is particularly complicated for creating strong romantic relationships. Lack of communication and forced social isolation are the realities of drivers’ profession who can be away from home for weeks. The better half of truckers spend most of the time in the driver's seat, away from loved ones and beloved people. So, how to build romantic relationships being a trucker? How to cope with dating a long-distance truck driver? What are the best truck driver dating sites to find love for hard-working men? Let’s puzzle it out!

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Is it so hard to date as a trucker today?

In any romantic relationship, it is important to adapt to a partner, seek compromise solutions, and respect each other's desires and interests. But if partners meet and see one another rarely, maintaining a healthy relationship becomes more complicated. Long-distance relations are always difficult to build, in particular, when it comes to marriage and family life. If you browse the Internet for some dating a truck driver forums, you will discover that a number of single women for relationships find fault with truck driver dating and try to avoid such romantic paramours in principle, while others, vice-versa, see advantages in such relations and are able to live happily with a trucker in the course of a lifetime.

And besides, there is no need to dramatize the situation when considering truck driver dating. Yes, a trucker is often absent from home, but if to look at the upside, the man makes money so that his family can live well and worthily. In addition, in more recent times, many employees including a huge number of office workers often have to go on business trips, the duration of which can vary from a couple of days to several months. That is, to some extent, the long absence of one of the spouses at home is the order of the day in the modern world.

Truck driver dating pros and cons

A lot of women find trucker dating very difficult and do not cope with it. So, it is important to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of such a relationship before starting dating a truck driver. Thus, let’s consider the pros and cons of dating a truck driver.


The everlasting nonappearance of a man at home is a real test for relations and family life, accordingly, ladies should be ready for the fact that building relationships with a truck driver is not an easy task. After all, when the man is on the road most of the year, a love relationship may become a severe test for both the beloved woman and himself.

The major problems of a romantic relationship with a truck driver can be fraught with:

  • mutual suspicions of cheating;
  • frequent disagreement and quarreling due to the lack of communication and intimacy between the partners;
  • unhealthy lifestyles, constant health risks, and lack of self-care for men;
  • the feeling of loneliness, burnout, and depressed mood of a woman;
  • problems with the upbringing of children;
  • unsolved household issues.

Of course, all these difficulties can occur in the lives of any loving couples, but they often fall to those couples who have to be apart from each other for a long stretch of time.

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  • Despite the above-mentioned problems, there are still some advantages in the job of a truck driver:
  • a trucker’s labor is well paid;
  • as a rule, these men are physically powerful and enduring;
  • FLT drivers can cope with operating of any vehicle;
  • in addition to other duties, truckers are excellent mechanics because they have a good knowledge of motor vehicle constructions and layouts;
  • a truck driver has many fascinating stories, so a woman will never feel bored next to him;
  • a trucker is used to behave confidently on the way and can deal with any difficult life situation;
  • deep inside, such a man is a sentimentalist and daydreamer who works out of the great love for the road and traveling;
  • being far from loved ones, truck drivers start loving them even more and always try to please their beloved with souvenirs and gifts from trips.

How to cope with a long-distance relationship issues when dating as a truck driver

For many couples, relations at a distance can be a difficult test. After all, it takes a lot of effort to transform long-distance relationships into a strong union of two loving hearts. However, nothing is impossible! And these tips will help you to cope with a long-distance relationship issues when dating as a truck driver, no matter how many kilometers separate you.

1. Do not keep silent about your problems and feelings

Sincerity and honesty are important for any love relationship. This is especially true in case of dating as a truck driver. If you are tormented by rueful feelings, do not hesitate to share them with a beloved woman – and your problems will be reduced by half. In addition, it will give your loved one an opportunity to take care of you, give you some good advice, sympathize and support you. It makes long-distance relationships much stronger and healthier!

2. Surprise each other

Let the distance between you not become an obstacle for close relations, sympathy, and surprising each other. Try to bring romance to your regular phone calls and correspondence. After all, nowadays, there is a great number of messengers with a lot of useful features for communication. So, write messages to a beloved girlfriend for no reason in particular, send her some jokes, pleasant surprises, and reminders about yourself. This is one of the most important tips on how to deal with dating a truck driver. Thus, you will feel closer to each other both literally and figuratively. But do not overdo it so that your communication does not turn into an obsession.

3. Maintain sexual relationships

This is another worthwhile dating a truck driver advice. The fact that you and a beloved woman are in different places far from each other and do not sleep in the same bed does not mean that your sex life should fade and atrophy. On the contrary, according to psychology, long-distance relations feed the flame of passion between partners even more due to the anticipation of a future meeting in real life. In the meantime, you can arrange phone sex, make love via video communication, or share erotic photos. After all, according to many psychologists, the human brain is the largest genital organ.

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4. Make each other a part of your daily life

Whenever you have such an opportunity, tell a beloved lady about the places you visit (you can also send photos) and people you meet on the way. A woman will always be interested to listen about the life of her loved one. Thus, your daily conversations will become much more meaningful, and the feeling of unity with each other will only strengthen.

5. Communicate via video communication

Of course, a variety of instant messengers is much more convenient than Skype – using them, you can be in touch with a beloved all the time. However, in textual correspondence, it is impossible to convey the emotions and intonation accurately, even in case you have already been dating for a long time and know one another perfectly. During a telephone conversation, you do not see each other's facial expressions – and thus, you miss a lot too. So, try to spend more time communicating with your woman through video calls. Moreover, it is so nice to see the eyes and smile of a loved one, even if you are separated by thousands of kilometers.

Best trucker dating apps and sites

Despite the fact that truckers are on the road most of the time, they can get acquainted with representatives of the opposite sex just like other men. And to make this task even easier for you, we would like to bring to your attention a list of the best truck driver dating apps and sites.

1. LinkYou.ru

Talking about making acquaintances for creating a serious relationship, we cannot help but mention a relatively young dating service called LinkYou.ru, which proposes a completely new algorithm for selecting potential partners. It is based on the commonality of interests of men and women who register on the server in order to find a significant other and create a family. A great advantage of LinkYou.ru is that all the features necessary for the effective search for a loved one are available without buying a premium account.

2. Ru-brides.com

All men know about the beauty of Slavic women. And Ru-brides.com is exactly the service that provides truckers an opportunity to get acquainted with these pretty ladies. After all, this website is one of the most popular dating services in Russia and Ukraine. It has already united thousands of loving hearts. So, the site is proven and reliable. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface and numerous helpful features. A distinctive feature of the service is a video presentation, which allows men to watch a short video about a girl, and thereby, to learn more about her. In addition, it takes only a few minutes to create an account and start the search for a potential partner. Therefore, Ru-brides.com is one of the best and most popular truck driver dating sites.

3. eHarmony.com

The eHarmony dating service is created primarily for conservative people who are serious about marriage. Website administration claim that 54 million people use the service and that about 4% of all marriages in the United States are contracted due to eHarmony. This is an international dating site where a truck driver can start communication with citizens of the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Europe, and ex-USSR countries. Moreover, there is a convenient eHarmony app which makes the search for a loved one even easier and faster.

Bottom line

Being a truck driver is a difficult and responsible job. And building relationships with such a person is quite complicated, but true love defies all the problems. Especially since modern technologies allow truckers to keep in touch with their loved ones at a distance – they can make calls, write SMS, and even share photos and videos with beloved women. The most significant thing in any romantic relationship is trust, love, and mutual understanding and respect. If all of this is present in a relationship between a man and a woman, then no distance will prevent the couple from living happily!

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