When you’re still single in your 30s or 40s, you might start thinking that there is something wrong with you. But even if you feel comfortable with your unmarried status, other people don’t. They want to know whether you’re dating someone and if not, why. And their questions gradually make you feel a kind of deficient.

There are so many misconceptions about singles and they are usually spread by those people who think that if you’re a single 30-something, you must be in a relationship. This stereotype appeared many years ago when early marriages were a usual thing. Our contemporary life dictates new rules and now it’s okay to stay single until you make a good career and fulfill yourself. But people with a stereotypical way of thinking will frown upon singles. The burden of public opinion can prevent singles from being happy since it undermines their belief in themselves. Stereotypes about singles are numerous but you should ignore all of them and keep searching for your love. So, throw the following misconception out of your head.


Love will find you even without your endeavors.

In Russia, there is a saying that love will find you even if you permanently sit at home and never leave your house. It seems like a good story for a romantic movie but it doesn’t work in real life. If you just wait and hope that love will suddenly strike you, you take the risk of prolonging your single life. Like any other activity, searches of a partner require your time and efforts. If you’ve been busy with your career and were out of the dating game for a while, it’s time to meet new people and start going out again. If you have a stable social circle and work routine, chances to meet new people drop. Go to the places you normally don’t visit and make new acquaintances there. Increase your chances of meeting your destiny.

Looking for love online is shameful.

Gone are those days when online dating sites were a luxury for those who had access to the Internet. Today, meeting potential partners online is a usual thing. However, a decade or so ago people thought that only the desperate would look for love on the online dating sites. It caused another stereotype to appear and spread. Some people are still skeptical about online dating. But in practice, it’s a very convenient way of meeting new people for those who’re too busy or those who think that their future partner can be found in another country.

Men are hunters, women are preys.

It has been long considered that the man should make the first move. This is another dating stereotype that is gradually losing its significance. Men’s initiative is still preferable and expected but women are no longer frowned upon showing their interest in men. Since the line between gender roles is becoming less clear, both men and women can equally strike up a conversation or initiate a relationship. It applies mostly to online dating where men and women register to find their soul mates. If a woman sees the man of her dreams, why should she be afraid of writing him first?

You should necessarily date someone.

If you don’t go out with someone, it means you have your reasons. But people usually let themselves be lead by another misconception about bachelors. They think that if you don’t date anyone, there is something wrong with you. It’s your life and at the present stage, you might be focused on your job rather than building a relationship.

Your first date is your only chance.

These days, the format of first dates has changed. Very often people go out after they met online. They decide to go out on a date to get to know each other better in real life and test their compatibility. The first dates shouldn’t necessarily be romantic – this how millennial dating culture has influenced the way we date. Also, if you don’t get a second date, it’s not a total disaster. You can easily meet someone else online and try your luck again.

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