Russian girls are special and they look for a special man. Every woman has a clear image of her ideal husband. It can change with time as a woman gets more experienced and her priorities change. However, most Russian women look for one and the same men’s traits and virtues.


Kindness and tenderness.

Although these are not very manly qualities, Russian girls want a man who is not afraid to express his feeling and demonstrate his other, tender, part. Most Russian men are tough and inconsiderate. They think that a man can’t allow himself any weaknesses otherwise he will be ridiculed by his buddies. Since Russian women lack men’s sensitivity, they empower their ideal image with this trait.


Any successful relationship is based, first of all, on mutual trust and honesty. There is a saying in Russia that bitter truth is always better than a sweet lie. This illustrates straightforwardness and frankness of Russian people. Russian women value honesty in men very much. If a man doesn’t try to hide anything from his woman, this way he demonstrates his respect for her. Many men want to conceal some facts about their past and themselves at the beginning of a relationship. This is all in vain because there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed. Once lied, it will be difficult to gain trust again.


Russian women want to be appreciated by their men. According to a common misconception about Russian women, they are as if submissive and obedient. In fact, they are educated, ambitious, stubborn, and talented and they need to be praised and respected constantly. They also need a man who will respect them just for who they are.


One of the qualities that Russian girls consider the most import in their future partner is his loyalty. Any woman needs to know and feel that her man loves her and is all hers. She wants to be sure that once they make a vow for better or for worse they will keep it.

Strength and decisiveness.

The man that is considered by Russian women to be ideal is the one with whom they feel secure and safe. Although these women are independent and determined, they need a man who will make them feel weak. They need a man who will solve the problems and won’t create new ones. Nothing can be sexier than a confident strong man who makes firm decisions and always keep his word.


The brain is one of the body parts that women like in men. There is nothing in this world that can be worse than a stupid guy. It doesn’t mean that you should be a scientist or graduate from three universities. Women assess the level of man’s intelligence by his ability to keep up a conversation, tell an interesting story, or say something witty and appropriate. Most Russian women are highly educated and they want a compatible partner. They read extensively and the man who is always into reading will be a good match for them. It’s very important for a couple to have common topics for discussion.


Infantile men are the biggest turnoff for Russian women. The man who behaves like a child is not their dream man. The man who will definitely win a Russian woman is the one who vividly radiates a high level of personal maturity. Maturity is a psychological aspect. A man is considered mature if he has established himself as a personality. Mature men are confident and calm, they can enjoy life because they have devised their own philosophy and keep to it. They don’t go to extremes because they are sensible and wise enough. They can take responsibility for their actions as well as for the well-being of their nearest and dearest.


Thrift is good but when it turns into stinginess, it ruins a man. Women consider stingy men one of the worst types of men. These men are usually mean not only in terms of money but also when it comes to sharing their emotions and time with their partners.

A sense of humor.

A good sense of humor is among top qualities that are sought for by Russian women in men. It’s proven scientifically that a man who can make a girl smile or laugh doubles or triples his chances to start a relationship with her. Additionally, a healthy relationship is inconceivable without a bit of humor. Russians have a terrific sense of humor so there is no wonder why Russian girls want their man to be witty. They value quality humor and rich jokes and can’t stand corny or vulgar jokes. Russian humor is mainly based on irony, so you should be always alert to respond to a Russian girl’s remark appropriately.


Russian women are looking for a man who will treat them as if they are goddesses. Every woman wants a courteous man by her side who will make her feel significant and fragile. A gentleman is a dream man of every Russian girl. Being a gentleman means showing your respect for her: holding a door to let her go first, helping her with her coat, carrying her heavy bags, being attentive to her mood, etc. Also, it’s very important for a Russian woman that her man is courteous is not only to her but also is polite to people around – that’s what being a real gentleman is about.

Male traits Russian women hate most

Lack of initiative

A woman wants to see a strong and persistent man next to her. He should be confident that his loved one will be fine no matter what. A strong man's shoulder isn’t just a beaten phrase – it’s a real woman's dream.

Lack of interest

If the only interests of a man are video games or brands of domestic beer, the chances of finding a life partner are rather small. And the more the man gets carried away by his "useful" hobbies, the faster his chances are fading away.

Excessive seriousness

Some people with an inferiority complex tend to interpret every word and joke as a personal insult. If a woman has to think over every word, she very quickly gets tired of such "introspection."


Lack of self-confidence is one of the main reasons for jealousy and envy. Instead of being proud of his girlfriend, such a man will harass her with his suspicions and bother her with embarrassing questions all the time. And this, of course, isn’t what a woman would like deal with all her life.

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22.07.2020 10:07
Sounds like a heck of a lot traits just to impress one Russian girl at first, but if you dig deeper things aren’t that complicated. Most men already possess at least half of these traits, they just have never thought about how awesome they are

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