Dates are all about having fun and getting to know each other better. But it’s hard to keep the right mood when there’s so much pressure and worrying about how things will go and whether your date will enjoy the time you’re going to spend together. So why not take some of that pressure off and boost your chances for success by making the date less stressful? Instead of spending a whole night maneuvering between awkward pauses, you can ask a girl out on a lunch date, and we have six reasons why it’s a good idea.

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Lunch date pros: why it's better than dinner

If you’ve never been on a quick coffee date, you’ve missed out a lot. Usually, dinner dates are too stressful to enjoy because of the reservations to take care of, outfits to choose, places to visit, and so on. A lunch date comes with more benefits compared to a traditional one, offering a relaxing pastime and better freedom of action.

A lunch date lowers the risk of doing things you might regret

Asking a girl out on a dinner date, especially for the first time, you might want to calm your nerves, having a few extra drinks. And who knows what might happen if you drink a bit more than you expected. But what we know for sure is that getting drunk on a date isn’t the best way to make a good first impression. Sure, a lunch date doesn’t guarantee 100% sobriety, but given the amount of time you have, you simply won’t be able to drink that much. Besides, a guy having a cocktail after cocktail in the middle of the day would raise some eyebrows. The idea behind dating is to find that special someone, not a drinking buddy for a night.

Dress casually

You won’t have to worry about what to wear on a lunch date, as you can show up in your casual outfit, and it would be appropriate. Dress to impress isn’t the best approach here because no one would appreciate your fancy outfit at a café during work hours. Besides, the girl you ask out would be mad if you look better than her. So don’t be shy to rock your favorite jeans, a T-shirt, and some sneakers or whatever you prefer. A casual lunch date outfit means your companion gets the chance to see real you and vice versa.

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Lunch dates are convenient

As paradoxical as it sounds, it’s much easier to carve out some time for a date during lunchtime than after work. You always have a break at work, and if your office is in a city, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a nice spot for a date. There are probably a few cafes within a 5-minute walk from your workplace. No worries about picking your companion up – all you need is to be at the spot at the appointed time and have a sweet chat over a coffee and dessert. It’s a perfect option for those who feel exhausted after work and don’t want to waste time on dinner dates.

Less pressure

Is lunch a date always better than dinner? Not necessarily. Is a lunch date easier to handle? Absolutely. There’s no need to puzzle over the outfit, the best time for a date, reservations, or other details. You don’t have to plan too much – just enjoy a casual conversation. The laid back attitude means less room for mistakes. You get rid of all the extra routine that comes with dinner dates, leaving the main part – the date itself. This will give you an opportunity to focus on each other instead of your surroundings. You’ll feel like two old friends chatting about their day and recent news before going back to the usual rhythm of life.

It’s easier to strike up a conversation

Even if you know where to meet a woman and where to take her, this doesn’t mean you have all the chances. An awkward conversation can destroy a date no matter where you take a girl to. No one says you need to be a pro at philosophical discussions, but your conversation should be more meaningful than everyday water cooler banter. And while you can quickly run out of topics to discuss on a 4-hour dinner date, you’ll hardly be able to go through your entire arsenal in one hour on a lunch date. Besides, you don’t need to avoid the topics your companion may have little to talk about, which gives you more room to experiment.

You can always find an excuse to escape

It’s no secret that some dates don’t go well. Sometimes you find out that the companion is too boring/strange/annoying when it’s too late and have to wait for hours to call the quits. We’ve all been through this and know how hard it is to come clear and say that things between you won’t work and end the date. It’s tricky to make up a solid excuse to leave a date at 8 pm, but at lunchtime, you may have dozens of potential errands to run. So if you find out you’re not on the same page with the girl, you can safely say the boss is waiting for you back at the office or your grandma is trapped in the bathroom again.

Original lunch date places ideas

Of course, lunch dates also come with some drawbacks – there are not many places to ask a girl out. When you only have an hour or two, your choice is limited, but you can try and make the best of that time. Here are some good lunch date ideas for you.

A trip to a Museum

When you’re short on time, the best option would be to pick an activity you can drop at any moment, so a movie date won’t do it, as well as activities like out-of-town picnics, boat rides, etc. A museum date, on the other hand, can be an exciting pastime, and you can leave any time you want. It’s unusual, surprising, and may cost you next to nothing if you pick the right date and time. Make sure the museum you choose isn’t too far from work – spending 30 minutes to get to a date that would take an hour is bad planning. You should also have an idea of what to see first once you there, as you won’t have enough time to explore the whole museum.

Zoo/botanical garden

A date at a zoo might be even more exciting than a trip to a museum – all girls love animals. The admission is cheap, the variety of fauna is staggering, and, more importantly, there are no time frames, so you can leave as soon as you get an urgent call from the office. Pack some snacks, pet some goats, and talk about how much you adore wombats. Want something less stinky and more picturesque? Then try a botanical garden. There may even be some historic landmark to see, so you can both enjoy each other’s company and find out something new about your city.

Take a walk 

That’s right. The idea doesn’t have to be super fresh and original to work. Think you can’t impress a girl by taking a stroll around a few blocks? Well, then you’re either too shy or too unimaginative. Here’s a little secret: a romantic date isn’t about cozy spots and breathtaking landscapes. It’s about your charisma and the way you communicate. If you know you’re an interesting guy, and the girl you asked out has an intriguing personality, the lunch date will go smoothly even if you meet at your office’s cafeteria. Just don’t forget that the main trick is to make the girl want more.

Check out some bookstore

Yes, those still exist in 2020. No, they have nothing to do with Amazon. Mostly. How long has it been since you last read a real book? Ask if your companion loves to read, and if she does, you have yourself an original idea or a quick date. Talking about your favorite authors and titles while browsing through shelves in a small bookstore is so casual yet romantic.

Play tourists

Even if you’re short on time (and on a budget), there are probably a few places in your city that you always wanted to visit but never did for some reason. Now is the time to catch up. Put together a short route plan around the city, marking the most interesting spots on it, stock up on light drinks and snacks and go on a quick trip, pretending to be a couple of tourists. Your city may surprise you and make you look at it in a new way. You’ll also have a chance to take a nice picture or two with your companion.

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Cycling or roller-skating

Outdoor activities can be much more, well, active than sitting on a blanket and eating croissants. There are much healthier ways to spend the time you have together. Grab a couple of bikes and take a tour of the block. A bike is truly an all-purpose thing – it’s a transport, entertainment, and one of the best lunch date ideas. Take your time to bike through the most beautiful spots of the city, set up a quick race, or ride along the forest paths of the nearest suburbs – you’re free to spend time in different ways, but all of them will be interesting and active. A more urban option would be roller skates, though only if you’re an 80’s fan, of course.

Charity work

If you happen to have a couple of extra hours, why not spend them doing good deeds? This option isn’t for everybody, but if you know that your companion is kind and caring or want to send a certain message, offer to try her hand at volunteering. Surely, there are organizations in your city that provide assistance to those in need. As a rule, they don’t turn down volunteers. Choose a task that suits you better: visiting orphanages, serving free dinners in the canteen, collecting clothes, toys, books, or even visiting an animal shelter. Activities like this allow you both to show your best spiritual qualities and combine efforts for doing something great.


Yes, we advised you against activities you can’t drop at any moment, but bowling meets the main criteria for a first date: it's fun and anyone can do it. Even if one of you (or both of you) is terrible at it, who cares? You want to show her what it means to be in your company and find out if she handles her emotions. Does she know how to play and have fun, even if all her bowls miss, or is she worried about what people around her think of her? This is a great way to remove barriers and bring a girl out into the open. She won't be able to sit quietly with her legs and hands crossed. Willy-nilly, she’ll have to open up and lose control over acting (that is if she’s acting).

A flea market

If it’s a first date, you need to get to know the girl better. What does she like? What are her tastes? Flea markets are full of peculiar and sometimes outright unusual stuff to see and discuss together. This gives you a great chance to take a closer look at her personality. And don't believe those who say it takes a lot of money to make a first date successful. A quick, cheap date, like a trip to a flea market, where the girl’s attention will be focused on you and not your wallet, can be just as great.

A cozy restaurant or cafe

Forget about all those lunch date tips and perfect spots – take her to a good old café. There’s something special about wrapping in fluffy blankets, ordering some fragrant cocoa or spicy mulled wine, jumping over puddles, and hiding together under an umbrella. If rainy weather catches you by surprise, head to some cozy café. Forget about the daily routine for an hour and take a moment to admire the person sitting next to you.

Lunch date vs. dinner date: is it really better?

Although a dinner date offers a wider choice of places and activities, and you have more time to find out everything you wanted to know about each other, it’s not always an ultimate option. Sometimes you don’t need a whole evening to realize that you make a bad couple. Lunch dates save time and effort (minimum planning, no googling for lunch date outfit ideas) while staying entertaining and informative. And you can always ask your companion out on a dinner date if you enjoyed her company.

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