You can tell much about a person knowing what they are passionate about. Usually, people’s passions turn into their hobbies and they devote their free time to the things they love to do. People choose their hobbies according to their interests, talents, and opportunities. Russian girls have various interests; each of them is talented in their own way that is why the variety of hobbies is really great. The main problem with hobbies is the lack of time for them. However, when a Russian girl has some free time, she spends it doing her favorite things. Here are the most popular hobbies Russian girls have.


Listening to music.

If you ask a Russian girl about her favorite occupation, in most cases the answer will be “listening to music”. In fact, these days you can see so many people on the streets and on public transport wearing earphones. They just listen, enjoy, and relax. However, many women can sing and have turned singing into their hobby. They do it at home, in a band, or in karaoke. Most of the Russian girls learned to play a particular musical instrument during their school days. Some of them gave up playing right after leaving a musical school but some still play occasionally just for pleasure.


Generally, women like reading and Russian women are not an exception. Reading is a hobby of both young ladies and mature women. It’s pretty difficult to say what kind of literature they prefer because everything depends on a particular person. Of course, Russian classical literature is a must. Women can’t be indifferent to romantic novels and enjoy reading them a lot. Also, detective stories are popular with them. Apart from fiction, many Russian women are also interested in psychology and other scientific literature.


Most Russian families have the so-called “dachas” (country houses) where they grow mainly vegetables and fruit. Gardening is a great way to unwind and keep fit. Russian women love nature and even if they don’t have dachas, they grow flowers and even some indoor vegetables on their windowsills or balconies. It’s a rewarding and useful hobby and many Russian women enjoy it very much.


Cooking is something that Russian women are good at. Although it is one of their daily chores, most of the women love it, in spite of everything, and cook for pleasure. The best occasions to demonstrate their cooking skills are the holidays such as birthdays. Russian women prefer celebrating and eating at home, so they invite their best friends to their place and try to prepare culinary masterpieces to treat them.


Some may say that knitting and embroidery are old-fashioned hobbies that only grannies enjoy. That’s a sheer stereotype. Today, hand-made clothes and other handicrafts are extremely popular in Russia. There are a lot of specialized hobby shops where women who are interested in needlework can buy everything necessary to create a really nice and unique item. Apart from traditional types of handicraft, Russian girls get involved into origami, decoupage, soap making, and other occupations popular in other countries. Again, this hobby is a great way to relax and get a sense of fulfillment when they see the results of their work.


Those Russian girls who have itchy feet spend their weekends and vacations exploring new corners of their large country or even traveling abroad. Curious minds of Russian beauties make them pack the most necessary things and set off on a trip. They like to learn new things about new places so they prefer going on excursions.

Going to the gym.

Many Russian girls who don’t go in for sports but want to keep fit and stay healthy join a gym. This is a very useful hobby because women not only work out and keep toned but also get rid of stress and troubles piled up during the day.

Doing yoga.

Yoga is getting increasingly popular with Russian women. They either take yoga classes or watch yoga online tutorials. Ordinary women follow this trend set by celebrities and benefit from it very much. All Russian women want to look stunning and yoga helps many of them to keep a great posture, increase flexibility, and radiate energy.

Joint hobbies to try when dating Russian girl


It will be easy since she already knows the basics and can teach you. One of you will be looking for interesting recipes, and another will do the shopping. You can choose responsibilities at will, by lot, or in turn. Have a week of Italian or Russian cuisine, a month of healthy food, or whatever you like.


Piano, violin, ukulele – choose whatever you like. There’s a chance your Russian companion already knows a thing or two about music instruments. You can also invite a teacher for training. The budget option is tutorials that can be found on the Internet.

Try photography

Feel free to photograph streets, trees, buildings and all kinds of interesting things. May your Russian companion serve a model, and you’ll be the photographer. Russian girls love to pose. Besides, photography is just a great pastime.

Dancing classes

Cuddling and doing sports at the same time. Isn’t it the best hobby? Russian women love dancing. A few classes will make you pro dancers.

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22.07.2020 09:54
I’d love to have a travel companion. Not the lazy, chill-in-the-hotel kind of travel but the one where you’re the explorer, discovering fascinating secrets of distant countries. I wonder how Russian girls treat such way of travelling

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