Russian mentality as one of the Slavic nations have some odd peculiarities, which are widely recognized in the world. Leaving offensive stereotypes behind, we can say that this mentality is totally unique, for many reasons. One may suggest it to be a result of the long and intricate history of Russian nation and land; others might presume it to be a genetically based complexity. All in all, what we do know is that some particular features and actions are unpleasant for Russian girls, and they are often found in Russian men. Using this information, you may become able to create a perfect image for her.

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1. Gender diversity. No need no explain that you are a man and she is a woman, it is clear and serene. Another thing is how you treat this knowledge. A Russian lady would frequently be raised with the understanding of strong family traditions. That is why your roles in building current relationship should be strictly determined. While dating, she does not want to be a leader; she would love you to show her that you are keen on good living and carrying of your beloved. Therefore, what you need is to remain trivially mannish in all the best means. Although, you need to remember Russian people to be a freethinking nation that is why you shall never make her feel submissive. Man are considered the head of the family, the main provider and mostly a reliable, self-assured person. Make sure you act like the one and match all these requirements, but do not be too hard on yourself – she doesn’t mind you being emotional sometimes. On a smaller scale, you can even participate cleaning and cooking. Although, men who agree with everything, follow every woman’s advice and do not think for themselves, usually are rejected by Russian girls in a short time.

2. Clarity and candor. It is a common fact that every woman has a secret, or even shaped of them; somehow, a Russian woman is not into obscure behavior, she loves everything to comprehended and legible. In details. If you use a dating service, she would tranquilly ask you about the purposes and aims you hold as it is a substantial criterion for her. If you managed to start dating, her main demand would be for you to be honest and stay away from your backroom life while you are with her. By far, she just wants men to be nice and sincere, nothing special. Let her feel naïve and weak; she will love you even more for making her feel confident and secured: there is something extremely sexy about reliable men.

3. Good-looking factor. Russian men tend to look vulgarly plain; it is a kind of intrinsic fashion ever since the USSR. A Russian lady would highly appreciate your hair to be groomed, your suit to be stylish and just an overall respectful approach to your looks. Do not be too hard with styles – again, gender roles are distinctively considerable for her, so she might perceive this as a narcissism, which is terribly irrelevant for men. Just stay in touch with modern tendencies without getting too obsessive about how you look.

4. Generosity and kindness. It is not about paying for all of her needs and buy her everything you think she has not got, but would love to. A Russian girl is independent and autonomous enough to provide herself anything she needs. The main point is the absence of greed. She believes that there is a huge difference between the inane prodigality and the solemn generosity. Your wasteful behavior (even knowing that you are insanely rich) can make her feel uncomfortable: your acts probably mean that one day you may leave your family poor and abused. On another hand, your generosity demonstrates that you can be a good father and husband. While dating (and occasionally after that) do not forget to buy her flowers; in Russia, it is a tradition to present your woman with flowers at every significant date.

5. Personal space. When it comes to Russian girls, you need to understand their necessity in autonomy and independence. Centuries of wars and other social diseases made her absolutely self-sufficient. Now, when she is happy-ever-after with you, she still has a subconscious need in her own space, separated from all other parts pf her life. If you are a jealous type of person – try to keep calm, as a Russian woman does not really want you to stalk her and be always in touch. Let her meet friends for coffee; do not bother her while she is in garden watering her hydrangeas. Everything is fine until you start pressing her.

Things Russian girls don’t like

However, if you are to impress a Russian girl, there are some undeniable factors and traits a Slavic girl won’t tolerate. Russians are a moral nation with a settled mindset, so going against the norm and trying to impress a girl with a European or American-like demeanor won’t always do the trick. Here is the list of pet peeves, as well as things that Russian girls DO NOT like:

Stingy men

Among things Russians dislike is stinginess. Mean behavior, lack of emotions, disconnection, frugality. Russians call themselves “generous souls,” which is quite true. A Russian girl is generous in all of her manifestations; she gives it all, from impeccable looks to a rich table full of treats. Russians, as well as other Slavic people, base their culture on lavishness. So if you try to explain why you got her a gift on sale, she will most definitely find it offensive. And it is not because Russians like to get monetary gain from everyone they see. They exude middle-up class when buy expensive birthday presents, give generous party favors, hugs and kisses. There is no moderation in expressing love for children, relatives, and friends. So if you’ll try to control her habits, she might think of you as a stingy prick, because her mom told her to give it all to family. 

Bad hygiene and lack of style

Although some may find traditional Russian class rather grotesque, people here dress to impress. And though men are expected to be “somewhat more handsome than an ape” [a Russian traditional joke], women still appreciate good cologne and a pair of nice expensive jeans. Even when talking to a girl online, you should exude manliness, calm charm, and readiness to set it, no looking back. Russian girls are extremely attracted to men who have their flare, who like to dress up accordingly to the occasion (and sometimes even go berserk), but you must forget about golf shorts and destroyed sneakers.

Detachment from the family

Family is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about platonic love. So if you still are in no-contact with your mom or won’t talk to your dad, your Slavic girlfriend will find it weird and offensive. If you don’t like children or don’t think your uncle is a reasonable man, that won’t impress a Russian girl either. When talking to a Slavic lady, mention that you love your family more than anything and would like to continue that tradition with a nest you are about to create together. 

Hope you enjoyed the tips to impressing a Russian woman. Overall, you just need to remember that her peculiarities do not make her much of another species. She is a woman, the person who trivially wants to be loved and happy. Think of this time after time and your home will always be a cozy place.

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27.10.2020 11:32
I’d live to have a chat with someone who managed to find a Russian girl or even build a relationship with one. I’m curious whether these tips actually work or it all comes down to plain charm and charisma. I’ve had no luck with Russian girls so far, and it would be nice to know what I’m doing wrong
27.10.2020 11:32
How does personal space have anything to do with impressing a girl? That sounds weird. I always thought impressing is more about close contact. And the paragraph about gender diversity is a bit vague too. No doubt that good looks and generosity may help, though. These are the things you should start from

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