Talking to a girl has never been an easy assignment. Young men always see it as an anxiety-provoking occasion and, therefore, prefer not to do it. Speaking of Russian girls, you may experience no troubles while spending time with these ladies as they are usually kind-hearted and cheerful (in contrast to emancipated Western girls who don’t mind making fun of shy and nervous guys). Russian culture is a peculiar phenomenon – as well as Russians themselves. You don’t need any special approaches to these women but to be thoughtful and attentive. We have some recommendations for you to improve your communicative skills. Go on reading!


1. Balance your speaking and listening skills. We often assume that girls talk much more than men do. Sometimes it works this way – but not always. Women need to speak out their emotions and worries to understand themselves. Nevertheless, that’s not the entire truth. To properly communicate with a Russian girl, you need to be both an attentive listener and a good talker. Otherwise, your talks will be dull and, as a result, your prospective girlfriend will lose interest in you. Do not be afraid to talk about yourself and reveal your true feelings and thoughts. In general, Russian girls have kind and empathetic hearts. They are always glad to explore your inner world and help you understand yourself. Just don’t overdo the whole psychoanalytic game – it may seem a bit creepy.

2. Don’t get too intimate. Talking about overdoing, we should also mention that Russian girls are rather shy and pious. They are usually brought up in the atmosphere of religiousness. That is why they diligently protect their inner worlds. If you try to get too deep inside of her experience and memory, you may frighten her off or make her feel extremely uncomfortable. Understand the limits of her openness and never force her to change them. Chances are, if you are really attracted to each other, she will intentionally reveal her deepest thoughts.

3. Be polite and reserved. Chivalry is not dead. This idea is ubiquitously cultivated in minds of Russian ladies. Therefore, they prefer their partners to act gallantly and talk in the kindest way that you can imagine (especially during the initial stage of your relationships). Dirty jokes, swearing, loud laughs, stupid remarks, interferences – the list of unacceptable movements is quite big. As the time goes by, it may become obvious that you both like dirty black humor. But while you are not that close, try to omit such behavior.

4. Language barriers. Finally yet importantly, you may bump into a language barrier with a Russian girl. The great majority of them learn the English language. Some of them don’t go further than the elementary level; others improve their skills and reach the level of a native speaker. But there’s a catch. A language barrier will exist regardless of your girlfriend’s level of language proficiency. Your and her understanding of English will always be different due to different cultural backgrounds. During the initial phase of your relationship, you may need to use translator’s services. Later on, finding a mutually acceptable solution will be truly necessary. Cultural exchange is an exceedingly important phenomenon, especially when it comes to Russian girls. They have been cut off from international relationships for more than ninety years. Now they are eager to meet foreigners to learn something new about their cultures.

Speaking of Russian girls, why don’t we discuss the topics they find inappropriate?

1. Politics. Russians have a specific apprehension of politics – the collaboration of socialistic and democratic mindsets. Therefore, it will be quite an unusual thing to talk about it on a date. If you are not a politician yourself, you should not better talk about it, as it may become an argument instead of an interesting conversation.

2. Religion. Russian girls are raised in an atmosphere of holiness and overall religiousness. And, as we know, the Orthodox Church is the most popular religion institutions in Russia (while it’s not the most popular religious denomination in the world). You should better avoid this topic because focusing the attention on cultural differences is not a good idea at all.

3. Ex-lovers. This is an overly unacceptable topic. You see, Russian girls are generally pious. If it happens that your prospective girlfriend has been in relationships before, she would likely omit this topic not to look lustfully. Now she pays her attention to you exclusively – and nothing that has happened before makes much sense. Do not make her feel ashamed by talking about exes!

Russian girls are great interlocutors and you will have a lot of time spending time with them if you stick to our rules. Have a good luck!

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