You feel pretty confident meeting girls but you are a bit anxious about picking up Russian ladies. One of the things that may make you nervous is the cultural difference. What if your words will offend her and all you get will be a slap on your face? In order to get rid of all doubts and make sure you do everything right, you need to know at least general rules of talking to Russian girls.

Russian women are tough nuts to crack. They are picky and will surrender only to a real man. An ideal man of most Russian girls has the following traits.

Russian Girls


Strong and confident men who know what they want and go for it always attract women. However, you should know that too much confidence and you may come across as self-assured or vain. Sense of humor.

It goes without saying that the man who can make a woman laugh has a great advantage. Women appreciate when men can create an easy-going atmosphere where both feel comfortable talking to each other.

Russian Girls


Women like intelligent men who always have a lot of interesting topics to discuss. There is a saying in Russia that a woman loves with her ears. That means that women pay much attention to what a man says and how he does it.


Men should take a leading position in relationships. It is he who decides where to go out or what restaurant to choose. Women want to have a man who will take care of all problems and will not create new.


Being a true gentleman, you’ll easily win the heart of a Russian beauty. Open doors and let her enter first, help her to get out of the car, and help her on with her coat– she’ll be pleased.


Many Russian women complain that they lack attention from their men who forget to pay compliments at least sometimes or give them flowers.

Now, you see that Russian women look for the same qualities as women all over the world do. So when trying to pick up a Russian girl, you should be that man she expects you to be. Unlike Western countries, it’s considered OK to meet girls in the streets in Russia. You shouldn’t be afraid that she’ll sue you for sexual harassment. Russian girls are very open for meeting new people and flirting. The main thing is to take a gentlemanly approach and go and talk to her. Remember that it is considered inappropriate to touch a person you’ve just met so use your charisma and eloquence, not your hands to get her interest. Your opening phrase can be “Hi, my name is..” Then you may ask her how good her English is. You should know that Russian girls like foreigners so you can be pretty sure that she won’t turn you down. Try to speak Russian and ask her to correct you whenever you make mistakes – that’s a nice excuse to keep up your conversation.

Clubs are also good places to pick up Russian girls. Find the right moment to approach her and go ahead. Don’t get surprised if she’ll give you a cold look or after you start talking to her, her answers will be short and concise. The fact that she is not running away from you or calling the security indicates that she is interested in you and wants you to continue your story. While touching on the street during the day is considered weird, in the club on the dancefloor it’s a usual thing. Again, if she doesn’t push you away when you touch her waist or shoulders, that’s a good sign. Offer to buy her a drink and do not accept rejection. If she makes it clear that she won’t accept your offer, you’d better give up and try to find another girl.

What you should remember while meeting and flirting with Russian girls is to avoid those trite pick-up lines that will make girls run away from you. Being honest and sincere you’ll get more chances to have a nice talk with her and get her phone number eventually. Don’t be afraid of saying something banal, just relax, be positive, and act naturally.

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