Russian ladies are amazing – you probably know this. But what many men would like to understand is how to communicate with these ladies right. Indeed, you have to invest certain efforts in order to become noticeable for the Russian bride of your dream. Read our simple instruction on how to talk to girls online and make them adore you!

Communicate Online

Essential rules of online communication with Russian girls

Take the initiative. Guys who wish to meet attractive Russian girls online should keep in mind these ladies expect men to make the first moves first. Not that it was too difficult for a Russian girl to write to you and say “hi” yet she knows this is your job. Do not be timid – you should display manliness and confidence when you talk to girls online.

Rely on her profile. Prior to starting a conversation with a Russian woman online, read her dating profile carefully. See what things she is curious about, what she respects in men, and how she imagines her further love life. Take a look at photos as well – not only to receive pleasure but to pick some details for your first discussion.

Act sincerely. In spite of being extremely feminine and romantic, Russian girls are quite straightforward. They like expressing themselves and see what other people really feel and think about various things. Wearing a mask in front of Russian brides online is a huge mistake that may ruin your entire success.

Be a gentleman. Politeness is another trait that Russian ladies long for. They want to be wooed sophisticatedly so if you are keen on Russian women dating, bear in mind that chivalry is not dead! A real man is not one who assertively intrudes a lady’s personal space – it is the one who combines boldness with delicateness.

Call her name. You know, many psychologists have proven that every single person actually likes to be addressed by his/her name. Of course, some people say they hate their names yet this is a pretty rare case. When you name your female Russian friend, she understands you attempt to connect to her.

Add emoticons to your text messages. Graphic content of diverse kinds is a truly great thing to use while talking to girls online. This is a well-known fact that people react to pictures even more actively than to the text. Share some cool media files you found on the Internet too so she will get to know you sooner.

Take an interest in her. This is the most important feature of any communication between humans, especially when it comes to building a romantic relationship. Ask follow-up questions, note what facts she reveals about herself and her life and make your conclusions!

Russian Women

Appreciate her mother culture. Russians are definitely proud of their national achievements and they are very happy to know foreigners estimate the significance of their civilisation. International dating is all about cultural exchange, to be honest: show your interest in her native stuff and let her know more details about your country.

Vary the tone of your dialogue. There is the myth about Slavic women in the West: allegedly, their beauty is their only bright feature. In contrast to it, Russian girls are exceptionally smart and have many interests. This means you should not only impress your mate with your sense of humour but also tackle some “big issues” in your conversation.

Ask questions about her family. This final tip on how to text to girls from Russia is what you should consider. These ladies have the family-oriented mindset and it is accepted in their society that relatives maintain the connection with one another. Show you are keen on her dearest ones and she will know you are special!

What to never write to Russian women online

Sex stories and questions. Russian girls are hot but they simultaneously possess high moral values. They know the main goal of a woman’s life is to be a decent wife for her beloved man and a good mother for her children. They hate getting too physical too soon. Build the emotional bond and learn her soul prior to making other steps.

Questions about personal problems. Taking an interest in a lady is not the same as intruding her private space. Leave all questions about relationships in her family or her attitude to particular issues for the later stages of your acquaintance. Ask about the recent events that took place and things triggering her enthusiasm.

Do not mention ex-partners. Discussing exes is not right at all if you are at the beginning of your path. Her past breakups might have been painful enough so she is not ready to talk it over with you. Likewise, avoid mentioning your ex-girlfriends – she wants to be your only one. Leave your stories behind when you flirt with a new woman.

Jokes she won’t understand. When you get ready to try Russian girls dating, remember there are numerous mental gaps to fill in throughout your interaction. She comes from a very different environment and might not be familiar with some gags you are used to in your home country.

Backhanded pick-up lines. No one likes clichéd phrases, especially if this is a beautiful young Russian girl in searches of true love. Get inventive! Appeal to her merits, wits, and talents instead of trying to win her attention by admiring just her body. She knows she is stunning and wants you to recognise it. However, she realises there are something way more significant behind this gorgeousness.

Avoid being pessimistic. Some guys are convinced they should complain about their existence in order to draw women’s emotions to them. Do you text a girl to tell her how bad your life is? No, you probably do it because you want to get closer to her. Since she is not your romantic partner yet, it is not her obligation to listen to your nagging.

Swears. Do you even think of using those in your messages? That would be the worst thing to do. Russian girls today know how important it is to learn foreign languages so they easily distinguish all the inappropriate words and phrases you write.

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04.12.2020 06:21
I spend a lot of time on dating sites and have already communicated with many foreign men. It seems to me that I have good sense of humor, but I didn't understand their jokes at all. Probably because of the difference in mentality. But really, we should be careful with jokes when communicating on a dating site with a person from another country.
04.12.2020 06:21
I think the most important thing in online communication with someone is not to be too intrusive. While Russian girls love the attention of the opposite sex, they don't want to hang out with annoying guys. All the same, you need to know when to stop. Otherwise, you will alienate a Russian woman.

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