Irrespective of whether you’re chatting online or talking in person, there are some general rules and universal topics that you should be aware of to keep the ball rolling and get the best out of your conversation. One thing that you should know about Russian girls is that they enjoy talking like all the women in the world; however they are more open-minded to any topic than Western girls. They like meaningful and sincere conversations, so be prepared to come up with the subjects that will tune her up to the right emotional state and the relaxed and open atmosphere.

Study her profile.

Whether you want to chat with a girl online or you’re about to ask her out and have a real-life conversation, you need to gather as much information about her as possible. Look through her profile and make sure that you have similar hobbies or interests. People like to talk about their favorite activities, so instead of introducing some general topic start your chat asking about your common interests. This will make a great attention grabber and establish a strong connection between you two since it’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t like to talk about their passions and aspirations.

Learn to listen.

Russian girls, as all women, appreciate those men who are good listeners. Even if she’s talking about obvious things or telling a really boring story, you should be all ears. Don’t try to pretend you’re listening carefully – she will figure you out and take offence. Don’t talk constantly about yourself without giving her an opportunity to chime in. By doing so, you’ll appear self-obsessed and conceited to her.

Show that you’re well-educated.

Russian girls like intelligent guys, so demonstrate her that you’re one of them. For example, you may tell her an interesting fact you’ve recently come across in a newspaper or magazine. If you see that a girl is keen on reading, start talking about the book that impressed you the most (it would be great to talk about Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy or some other Russian writers). What’s important here is that you shouldn’t to go too far and turn your conversation into a conference on literary criticism.

Ask her for help.

Slavic girls are very sympathetic and kind-hearted; they are ready to give a helping hand to anyone, especially foreigners. You can ask her to tell you about Russia more (which she would do with pleasure) or if you’ve already come there, ask her to show you around. That will make a great conversation as she will talk about the place she knows very well and make clear some unusual (for you) things. On your part, show genuine interest in her narration and periodically praise her for being such a good storyteller.

Talk about music.

One of the Russian girls’ favorite topics for conversation is music. It’s a universal language that unites people. Moreover, if your tastes coincide (you’ve already checked her profile, haven’t you?) it will make a great casual topic to chat about. Ask about her favorite singers or bands, kinds of music she’s really into. You’ll wonder how well aware Russian girls are of the latest trends in music and how many foreign singers they know. Music schools are pretty popular in Russia and most children attend music schools. Ask your interlocutor whether she went to that kind of school and which musical instrument(s) she learned to play. You may also talk about live concerts or festival you’ve been to.

Discuss your plans for future.

Another universal topic for a chat is making plans for the nearest future. Those Russian girls who already have a job or those who are currently studying at the university, both would talk non-stop about how they see their future in a couple of years.

Change the subject.

It’s impossible to discuss one and the same topic for hours because eventually, one of you will get bored. To avoid any awkward moments, be ready to change the subject when you feel there is little left to say on that topic. It can be easily done by the transitional phrase “by the way”. You say that and introduce any new topic.

One thing you should remember that the topic itself isn’t that important. What really matters is the mood you create between you two. If a girl is congenial to you, you won’t even notice how you get to new subjects for discussion. One more typical feature of Russian girls is that they would rather talk than just chat, so take that into account and be ready to get to know the mysterious Russian soul.

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27.10.2020 11:40
I’m sure there’s a lot you can talk about with a Russian girl, but how to do that if she doesn’t speak English? Unfortunately, wits and good looks can’t beat the language barrier. I had to deal with it so many times that it would be easier for me to learn Russian. And translators don’t help much
27.10.2020 11:40
that ask for help thing really works. these girls could talk about russia for hours) for some reason they love educating foreigners and busting common russia related myths. and by the time you switch to another topic you feel like you’ve know each other for quite a while. this always works for me

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