The first date can be your ticket to a successful relationship or can spoil your love story from the start. If you’re dating a Russian girl, you may wonder how to do everything right and leave a lasting impression on her. The following tips will help you win her heart.

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Don’t aim at making an impression

This piece of advice may seem rather contradictory, but it’s what you really should do to impress a Russian girl. Firstly, you should stop showing off, because you take the risk of appearing cocky to her. Be relaxed and be yourself. Girls will detect your insincerity at once, and your chances for the next date will substantially decrease.

Bring a present

Unlike the USA and Western countries, in Russia, it’s considered appropriate to give your date a present. It shouldn’t be something extraordinary or expensive; the main purpose is to express your affection. Flowers or some sweets will do for the first date (remember that only the odd number of flowers in a bouquet is acceptable). Think over the way you’ll present your small gift: this can be accompanied by a compliment or some other nice words.

Share your talents

There is a misconception that all Russian girls are interested in money. Everything depends on a particular girl: if she sees you only as a money bag, she doesn’t care about you as personality. But if you’re sure she is interested in you, open up and show her who you are. You can earn the respect of a Slavic girl by being eloquent, courteous, and moderately confident. Let her know about the things you’re keen on, show that you’re a man who has his passions and interests.

Choose the right spot

A fancy restaurant isn’t a good place for the first date with a Russian girl. They value comfort and ease of communication, so take her to a coffee shop, small restaurant, or park. Choosing a more casual spot for the date will allow you to put an emphasis not on your financial status but on the conversation between you two. It will also create a favorable atmosphere for romance and getting to know each other better.

Dress up

You must have noticed how Slavic girls care about how they look. You should know that they expect from you the same. It means that if you show up in sportswear or dirty shoes, be ready to be given a disapproving look, which will mean your date is going to be the last. In order not to disappoint your Russian date, you should forget about casual clothes and put on something semi-formal that will give her an impression that you care about your appearance too.

Be sincere

She expects a compliment from you, so go ahead. However, keep it simple and don’t go out of you way to please her. Take a closer look at her and compliment her on some feature of her appearance that catches your eye. The main purpose of your compliment is to make her smile and make her feel more comfortable. Thus, avoid being too verbose and pressing.

Focus on your dialog

It’s out of the question that you do want to impress her, but it doesn’t mean you should focus only on your personality. You asked her out to see each other and to find out about her more. Your chat shouldn’t turn into your monologue or self-advertising campaign. Imagine that you’re old friends and have a nice talk with each other. Girls appreciate man’s ability to keep a conversation going as well as their ability to listen attentively to what she says. So, make sure your conversation is comfortable for both of you.

Be complaisant

Russian girls like when men open the door for them, help them on with a coat or pull the chair for them. They consider the men who do those things well-mannered. Such courtesy disarms them and makes them feel womanly. You’ll definitely impress her by being a true gentleman.

Main Mistakes Men Make on a Date

We have compiled the worst mistakes that men make when having a date:

date russian woman

They are late for a date

A woman can be late. But for men, being late is unforgivable: you risk seeming unreliable and simply ill-mannered.

They don’t plan everything in advance

Even before having a date, you should already have a clear plan where you will have it, what places are best for taking a walk, etc. Any woman initially expects an initiative from a man. Just think over a plan for at least a few first meetings.

They behave selfishly

A measure is needed here as never before: if you talk only about yourself all evening, you risk not seeing this woman again. To make everything go as harmoniously as possible, follow the 50/50 ratio. In other words, tell a curious fact about yourself, and then ask the girl about something on the same topic. 

They criticize

People go on dates to get to know each other, understand whether they are comfortable together or not. Therefore, listen calmly and draw your own conclusions. But don’t start a heated debate on the topic of personal preferences because you can’t change the girl’s tastes.

They pay attention to other girls

Since your choice fell on this particular girl, then please, don’t show attention to other ladies. Otherwise, it can be your last date. Girls have unique peripheral vision, and even if it seems to you that all your glances towards other women will go unnoticed, you are deeply mistaken.

They talk about their exes

On a date, your story is as clean as a white sheet. If a girl herself is trying to touch on this topic, keep calm. Tell about your ex in a few words, but do it as coolly and informatively as possible.

They complain 

Of course, she will listen to all your heartbreaking stories and then she will disappear forever. Women don’t like losers and whiners. It’s not sexy and completely unreliable. Be a man – strong and capable of moving any mountains, or at least striving for it.

They are greedy

Any manifestations of your greed will be immediately noticed and included in the list of your biggest flaws. And, of course, forget about splitting the bill. It doesn’t make you look better at all.

They are distracted by their smartphones

When you have a date, just turn off your phone. A woman will appreciate this step. Your willingness to fully devote your evening to her alone, not being distracted by messages on Facebook and updates to your Instagram feed even for a second, is worth a lot. 

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27.10.2020 11:20
Russian girls are all about flashy things, so it doesn’t really matter where you’re going as long as you bring a present that glitters. I’m not saying they’re cheap and easy to impress. There’s just some naivety to them – even a serious adult woman may feel like a child when you pull the right strings
27.10.2020 11:21
I wonder how many guys actually benefited from articles like this. I’ve been surfing dating websites for months and haven’t met anybody. It probably takes some superpowers to make an acquaintance with a Russian girl and keep it to the point when you get a chance to ask her out on a dinner date

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