You want to send a gift to your Russian date using the delivery service of an online dating site or you’re going to travel to Russia and want to bring something to please your woman. Got no idea which item to choose? There are different kinds of presents. Some of them are always considered appropriate while the choice of others largely depends on a number of factors. You should be very cautious and take into account some rules of Russian gift-giving etiquette in order not to embarrass yourself or your girl.

All Russian girls like to receive gifts. However, what they value in the first place is not a gift itself but attention and appreciation it symbolizes. It’s very important for them to see that a man sincerely wants to please a woman and this intention goes from his heart. Russians usually give presents on special occasions. Those are mostly holidays and the occasions when they meet or visit somebody for the first time.


The culture of giving presents to women in Russia

The first thing to remember is that no occasion is too small for a gift. You can even approach a girl by giving her a cute present, but nothing too expensive. Russian ladies don’t like to feel obliged to men they barely know, so if your gift is too fancy, a girl may refuse it. It’s better not to bombard your Russian companion with gifts before the first date, unless you date online and have no opportunity to meet in person. 

As for meetings, a nice bunch of flowers on the first date is a must. In contrast to Western countries, where women receive flowers on special occasions, Russian ladies get flowers all the time. When it comes to special events, like birthdays or local holidays, such as the 8th of March, the choice of the presents is limited only by your imagination. A birthday is a perfect occasion to give your Russian companion an expensive gift – she won’t refuse it. If you want to keep the gift small but meaningful, jewelry is your best choice. But be careful with rings – she may take your gift for something else.

What to Give While Dating Online

If you are only at the beginning of your relationship, that is, you are only corresponding on a dating site you might want to send your Russian date a gift. The main advice that could be given here is to be casual. She doesn’t expect to get something excessively expensive. An expensive gift will confuse her and make her think that you want to buy her love. In order to avoid any confusion and negative attitude, focus on the sentimentality of your gift instead of its price. It should be something cute but at the same time meaningful. Perhaps, you’ve recently returned from your trip during which you purchased an interesting talisman or amulet. Russian girls like everything unusual and exotic and most of them believe in legends and supernatural powers. Sending her the item like this you’ll really impress her or at least she will get something for keepsakes. Another good idea for a gift is your childhood picture. This will boost the level of intimacy between you because one’s childhood is something very personal, hidden deep down. Also, you may send her a book with a dried rose in between its pages and a love hand-written letter with your own poem. So, you see the main point: be casual and sentimental with gifts when your romance is only gathering pace.

What to Give When You Are in Russia

Gifts mean more when they are given in person. If you finally decide to come to Russia and meet your beauty in real life, you should bring a small present with you. Again, the key word in this phrase is “small”. Here is a list of items that Russian girls would like to receive from you at the first real-life date.

  • Flowers.

Bringing flowers for a date is a must in Russian dating culture. Keep in mind that large bouquets are appropriate for special occasions such as birthdays. A single long-stemmed rose will do for a date but if to take into account that you’ve been dating for some time already (despite you’ve been doing it online), then she may expect to get a nice medium bouquet. Remember that according to the Russian flower-giving tradition there should be the odd number of flowers in a bouquet.

  • A soft toy.

A big white teddy bear will melt the heart of any Russian girl. Flowers plus a cute toy is both casual and romantic gift that will show your affection to her.

  • A book.

If you know that your girl is trying to improve her English, you can give her a good English-Russian dictionary or a book for reading. It will make a good gift especially if your girl is a reading type. Consider giving it in the middle of your date, just as a surprise. Remember to give her flowers at the beginning of your date.

If you already have a close relationship, then consider the following ideas for presents.

  • A ticket.

If your Russian girl is a fan of a particular band that is going to give a concert in her city, surprise her by giving her a ticket. Also, keep track of the exhibitions and theater performances that she would like to visit or watch.

  • A romantic date.

A great way to impress your Russian girl is to take her out on a romantic date. Choose a restaurant with a romantic setting where you’ll enjoy each other’s company and listen to live music. Watch the sunset and consider booking a hotel room instead of going back home.

  • Lingerie.

This gift is appropriate only if you’ve already slept together and you are sexual partners. Women like beautiful underwear, so do men. This present will be pleasant for both of you.

  • A trip.

One of the best presents a Russian girl can get is a plane ticket. You probably know about your girl’s preferences and will be able to choose the right destination.

  • Perfumes.

This is a tricky gift since you should know what her favorite scent is otherwise, you’ll just waste your money. The best option here is to ask her about her favorite perfume or choose it together.

  • A fur coat.

Yes, Russian women consider the fur coats a luxury and secretly dream that one day they will get one.

  • Jewelry.

The number one dream of most (if not all) women is a diamond ring. All women like jewelry so take that into account if some special occasion is round the corner. It doesn’t necessarily mean that only diamonds will satisfy your girl. Any jewels (necklaces, earrings) will do. But if both of you are dreaming about one and the same thing, that is, being together, buy her a ring and finally ask her to marry you.

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22.07.2020 09:48
Great article, but I’m not sure about books, though. Most people don’t like reading much. Besides, tastes differ, so it’s kinda hard to choose the right book unless you know each other’s preferences. Instead of counting on a lucky guess, I would’ve chosen something simpler.

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