When you’re dating someone, especially when it’s your first date, you usually can’t help thinking whether that person likes you or not. There are some external indicators of what is going on deep inside one’s soul. Dating specialists from the Russian Dating Agency say those indicators are the body language and some specific features of the person’s conduct. Take a closer look at your date, there is something between you two if s/he:

Leans towards you.

Body language is a powerful means of expression and if you know how to decipher it, you can understand people and their attitude to you much better. If your date keeps leaning to you throughout the whole evening, that’s the sign of affection. You can be sure that everything is going great and that person enjoys spending time with you.

Says your name over and over.

If you notice that your date takes each opportunity to say your name (or your first and last name) or repeats your name three times in a row, congrats, somebody’s in love with you. The same as you pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming, you say the name of a person you like to make sure he or she is real and by your side. When on a date with a person you like, you want his or her total attention. Getting your full attention by the constant uttering your name is a sign of liking.

Bombs you with questions.

Pay attention to what kinds of questions your date asks you. If a person is deeply interested in you, he or she won’t ask general leading questions just to keep the ball rolling. On the contrary, those will be the questions that will gain insight into you. If you notice you’re being asked about how, when, or why you did or do something, that’s a good sign.

Touches you.

When you’re attracted to someone, you can’t resist the temptation of touching that person, at least by accident. That’s why if your date occasionally touches your watch or a button on your coat, pets your hair or touches your hand while paying a compliment, be sure that one has fallen for you. Doesn’t interrupt you.

It’s your 10-minute monolog, but your interlocutor keeps looking at your lips and doesn’t even try to break in on your speech. That indicates immense respect for your opinion and the readiness to

Mimics you.

Sitting in the same posture, automatically mirroring your gestures is the body language that signals your date is in love with you.

Smiles a lot.

There are instances when smile works as a great stress-reliever and having a date with a person you like is just that case. When you’re smiling because of your anxiety and nervousness, the muscles on your face, particularly those near your eyes stay strained, and you get that “smiling eyes” effect.

Flatters you.

The most common way to express our positive feelings for a certain person is flattering. You should know that the flood of the phrases like “you’re” plus some emotional adjective (awesome, great) is a sign of strong feelings. Whereas the phrases starting with “that’s” plus some nice adjective can mean rather a neutral attitude towards you.

She is frank with you.

One of the signs that she is into you is that a girl not only wants to know more about you but she is frank herself. A clear sign of interest in a guy is the provision of information about herself that has not been previously told to anyone. At the same time, some women are very secretive and shy. It takes time for them to open up. 

She hints you.

Girls rarely openly talk about their feelings to guys. Therefore, more often you can see hints by which it will be easy to guess about her emotions. For example, she says that she needs help in some business but there is no one to help her. Or she wants to watch a new movie, but she has no one to go with to the cinema. These are signs she is into you. Of course, in some cases, this is just a statement of fact, not a hint. 

She is not into you - 10 signs

How do you know that she doesn’t like you? Consider several options for the girl’s behavior, actions, or words that will help you understand that she is not interested in you on a date.

1. She looks around.

When a girl is interested, she focuses on a man (like a man looks only at a woman when he is interested in her). Rare glances around are normal. The constant desire to look only to the side, answer phone calls, and communicate with other people in the presence of a man is a sign of disinterest.

2. She speaks little 

Some ladies are tired or embarrassed to be talkative, which shouldn’t be interpreted as a lack of interest. However, if there are no questions to a man, she answers his questions unwillingly, doesn’t try to talk about something, this indicates a clear disinterest.

3. She is waiting for someone. 

She is on a date with you, but she is waiting for someone else. This is the act of a lady who is not carried away by a man, that is, one of the signs she is not into you. When there is interest, people want to talk endlessly.

4. She wants to leave a date. 

If a woman says that she has some things to do (and they were not discussed before the meeting), then she is trying to leave a man and not see him again. She finds many excuses for why she can’t stay with you. When a woman wants to continue communication, she always finds the time and energy to meet. When she doesn’t want to do it, she looks for excuses for why she can’t spend time with you.

5. She never calls you. 

And she doesn’t call back or avoids talking to you on the phone. You try to indulge yourself with the thought that she just forgot or she doesn’t have time. In any case, this means that you are of little interest to her and she prefers to communicate with others, rather than with you. Remember an important rule – if the girl doesn’t call you back after your first call, it makes sense to call her again. If she doesn’t call back even after your second call, then you should think about why she does this. 

6.  She has a tight smile.

Smiling isn’t always good. A tight smile means that the woman is not interested in you. You can usually understand that the smile is tight by the fact that it looks more like a grin as if she is eating a lemon and trying not to give it away. Also, she doesn’t laugh at your jokes. If the girl is fine with a sense of humor and only your jokes don’t make her laugh, then two conclusions can be drawn. Firstly, she doesn’t share your sense of humor, your jokes seem not funny to her. Secondly, laughter is one of the forms of flirting, therefore, she is not interested in you and your jokes as well.

7. She touches the neck.

If a woman massages her neck, it doesn’t always mean that she slept uncomfortably. This may mean that she is lying to you. If she touches her neck when she says how good she is with you, you should doubt her words. On the other hand, if she massages her neck, complains that it hurts, and asks you to massage her, this may be a positive sign.

8. She is bored. 

When you talk to her, it seems to you that the girl looks bored. If a girl is interested in you, she will speak quickly and suggest new topics. Her arousal will even make her speak louder and laugh at your jokes. And if this is not, then she is not into your date. 

9. She is looking for a “friend”.

Is she into you? In fact, she is not if she doesn’t want to have anything but friendship with you. Girls don’t want to be friends with those who are interesting to them. They want to have a relationship. 

10. She talks about her exes. 

While hanging out together, she may often mention male friends, ex-boyfriends, and anything related to them. A girl who is into your date will not talk about her past adventures at the first meetings. If a girl has such conversations, it means that she trusts you as her best friend or takes you for someone who can understand her.

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01.12.2020 05:38
If a girl likes you, she will certainly flirt with you and try to please you. If a girl treats you well, but sees only a friend in you, she will smile at you and communicate with you with pleasure, but at the same time, she is unlikely to flirt with you. If a girl flirts with you, then this is a clear sign that she sees a handsome man in you.
01.12.2020 05:38
It must be remembered that all these signs work in a complex way. They seem to be “layered” one on one, making up the overall picture. If you have noticed 2 or more signs within a few minutes, then you can try to get closer to the beauty you like. Most likely, your attraction is mutual.
01.12.2020 05:39
I realized one thing - nothing is done by accident or just like that! You should accept this as an axiom and it will become much easier to understand people. How do you know if a girl likes you? Wait for any sign of that. She looked at you and smiled - act! Say that a spark flashed between you!
01.12.2020 05:40
Everything can change at any second! A girl takes care of you, you like each other, and then, in one moment, she ignores you. Or you are absolutely indifferent to a girl, but she does her best to be with you. I mean that girls are so strange and illogical that sometimes no signs can show that she feels something to you.

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