Surely, you, like all people, are sometimes in a hurry, including in relationships. Men and women often rush things in relationships. They believe that rapid development will help strengthen them. In fact, no, it is not speed that decides here, but time.

How slow should I take a relationship? Well, at least, it should take some time. Unfortunately, men who have been without a relationship for a long time are constantly striving to rush things with a new woman, meet girls online, date, and marry as soon as possible. Relationships are, first of all, a kind of work that requires a lot of effort. It is best to enjoy the relationship that you have. It should develop gradually and both partners should be ready to continue it. Otherwise, if you hurry, you can destroy everything that was built. So, how to take things slow in a relationship? 2024

how slow should i take a relationship

The importance of taking a new relationship slowly

Experts remind that time-tested relationships are often more durable than the passion that quickly flares up, pushes partners to rash actions, and also quickly fades away. This is just the first phase of honeymoon in dating. There are many examples when blinded by desire lovers marry, and soon after the wedding, they understand that the passion has passed, and they, in fact, have nothing to talk about with each other. They just get bored and the only way out of this situation is to break up.

Moreover, when you take a relationship slow, instead of indulging yourself with illusions and worrying if they suddenly ruin, you give each other the opportunity to really look at what is happening between you and why you, in fact, are still together. According to experts, after 5 months of a relationship, people often “throw off their masks” and their so carefully hidden flaws become quite obvious

How to take a relationship slow with a girl? While you are not in a very serious relationship, you have the right to dictate your own rules and do as you see right. But by rushing things and becoming a strong couple, you will be forced to coordinate your actions with your soulmate, otherwise, misunderstandings and conflicts will destroy your relationship. It is clear that you need to negotiate even when your romance is just gaining momentum, but in more serious relationships, instead of “I”, there “we” appear. Therefore, before you take this step, think about whether you are really ready for this or whether you better take a closer look at each other and understand how you can interact (and negotiate) on certain important issues.

Hurry in relationships vs. taking a relationship slowly: 5 main differences

If we consider the positive and negative features of these two types of relationship between a man and a woman, then we can highlight certain points:

1. People don’t have time to properly get to know each other if they hurry in relationships

It takes months and years to get to know your soulmate well enough. It is important to know the past, the interests of a person, the intricacies of their relations with parents and friends. From this, the general impression is formed, which can change dramatically if some unpleasant truth later emerges. You need to find out the character of a person, as well as their worldview and habits. This is especially necessary for those who are going to quickly move in. Taking a new relationship slowly, people are gradually approaching harmony without rushing things.

2. When you get close quickly, there is always the possibility that you will get bored very quickly

This is called information overload when we are forced to analyze a huge amount of data. It is a real challenge to stay with a person under one roof every day. You will dictate your terms, and not everyone likes it. At the beginning of a relationship, a person interacts not with a partner but rather with fantasies about him or her, and the ideal image in the head. Further, when you get to know the person better, you can think about living together.

3. When you take a relationship slowly, it builds interest

Taking a relationship slow, you will warm up a partner’s interest in your personality. For a start, don’t go on dates every day. As a result, your woman will think about you 24 hours a day, and she will come up with reasons to meet. Later, when the relationship is already established, prevent their rapid transition to the next level. If you hint on sex with a woman you like after the first or second date, you are unlikely to take possession of her thoughts.

how to take a relationship slow with a girl

4. Haste prevents you from realizing your own feelings

By constantly forcing the development of relationships, you are deceiving yourself. More precisely, you don’t give yourself time to understand exactly what emotions you are experiencing and whether you really love the person you are striving for. The potential girlfriend experiences the same. Due to excessive persistence, she can behave unnaturally and, giving in to pressure, make the wrong decisions, contrary to her true desires. As a result, you will break up with a taste of disappointment.

5. You will have a more sustainable and happy relationship if you take time

According to a study, taking a relationship slow, couples have greater satisfaction. And this applies to both sex and relationships. And the same study showed that having sex too soon often leads to the beginning of cohabitation without a formal marriage, which in itself also often leads to problems in relationships. On the one hand, such a life is convenient since a couple is free from responsibility. However, on the other hand, this lack of commitment leads to the risk of destruction of the relationship.

6. Haste in a relationship can scare a partner

Don’t talk about love at the beginning of a relationship. Almost all of the above points come down to the fact that you and your chosen one want to follow the path of developing a serious relationship, and not rush around in an eternal search. And therefore, don’t hurry. Let it take some time. If you show your feelings too soon, admit how strong your love is, you can push the person away with your pressure. There is also no need to rush things because we often tend to confuse true love with passion. True love is tested by time and deeds.

Taking a relationship slow: 8 important tips and ideas

Not everyone is able to build normal long-term relationships. The reason for this is a banal ignorance of how this is done, as well as excessive demands on the partner. To create a good relationship, it is recommended to adhere to certain rules. So, how to take it slow in a relationship?

1. Find a partner with the same outlook

How to take a relationship slow? One of the most important things in relationships is the right choice of a partner. If you want to develop a relationship gradually, then the importance of choice doubles. You need someone who respects your desire not to rush things. Love should focus on more than just the physical aspects of the relationship. Such a partner will be interested not so much in your body as in your thoughts.

2. Determine your goals

You must clearly define the purpose of your relationship, personal growth, and future. So, how to take it slow in a new relationship? Consider if your relationship is in conflict with these goals and if you can deal with this imbalance. Perhaps this is just incompatible. If your woman has different goals and desires, this doesn’t mean that she is a bad person. It can only mean that you have different priorities in life. Consider whether it is worth trying to build a relationship in this case at all.

3. Try not to have intimate relations too soon

Don’t spend nights with your woman and don’t invite her to your house until your relationship becomes serious. Things get much more serious when you start sleeping in the same bed, especially when it becomes a habit. The closer you get, the more closely your lives are intertwined. The same goes for living together. It makes things much more serious, especially if one of you is completely unaware of what is happening. Consider taking your relationship to the next level gradually.

4. Don’t control your partner

The slow development of a relationship may seem out of fashion but this is not an excuse for controlling a woman and her behavior all the time. If you trust your partner in matters of the speed of development of the relationship, then why not trust her in situations when she is not with you? Don’t limit your woman’s communication with friends, family, or other important people. Give her freedom of choice and the opportunity to be alone. Remember, respect must be mutual.

5. Don’t rush to conclusions

Taking a relationship slowly, partners look closely at each other, and after a while, they understand whether they are suitable for relationships or not. There is no need to rush to conclusions and get ahead of yourself. Let everything take its course. Within a month, the woman will show up, declare her aspirations, desires, needs, and then you can decide. There is no need to rush to start living under one roof. There should be time for dates and surprises.

6. Avoid routine

When there is confidence in the partner, passive behavior appears. Why come up with something if it is already clear where everything goes? You think that a woman will not go anywhere, so you don’t have to try. Perhaps it was once so, but the situation may change. Routine and lack of vivid impressions often lead to the destruction of the relationships. What is lacking with one partner, they start looking with another. To avoid the routine, you should come up with entertainment for spending time together.

7. Give each other personal space

Keep in mind that both you and your potential soulmate are individuals with a huge inner world who should always have their own corner. That is, even if you are always together, you both should have interests, your time to meet with friends, and for your hobbies. This will help you not to lose interest in relationships and you will have something to share with each other.

8. Get to know each other better

How to take a new relationship slow? You have just started dating but you already imagine your wedding, a happy family with 2 children, and a dog. Wait a second, not so fast. You need the time to get to know each other better. And you can’t do without disputes, reconciliation, discussions, and so on. According to statistics, such relationships usually have a chance to become happy.

Relationships are created by two people who have decided to be together. If their relations are rushing at great speed, then they may be disappointed very soon. You have to understand yourself. And if your relationship is developing rapidly, you should know where it leads your couple. It is also important that your partner understands this and your goals and plans for the relationship are similar. 

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