Perhaps every man has wondered whether his feelings are mutual, at least once. Of course, you may ask her directly. But what if the question offends her, and you don’t want to show you don’t trust your woman or to look silly? Besides, the reason you are questioning her feeling may hide in cultural difference.

7 Signs that a Russian Woman Really Loves You

Here are 7 signs, which prove that a Russian woman really loves you:

1. She listens to you.

She may do it just barely, she may scream and yell, but she does listen to you and make draws the conclusions from what you say, in order to prevent such quarrels in future. And she does that because she loves and respects you. In further words, a Russian woman doesn’t give a rat’s tail about what you say. If you seriously tell her not to touch your match house, because it’s important to you, she won’t touch it. She is throwing a tantrum, of course, she is cutting the furniture with a chainsaw, but she does not touch your match house – because she knows how important the one is for you, and she doesn’t want to hurt you or lose you.

2. She is totally indifferent to other men.

If a Russian woman becomes indifferent to other men for you, completely and entirely, she does love you. Her inner puss calms down. She does not flirt with men anymore. There is only 1 man for a Russian woman in love. Other men do not attract her, even if he looks like Brad Pitt.

3. She sympathizes with you.

Imagine, you are upset, tired, caught a cold. What would you expect a Russian woman you love to do? Right, you expect her to be sympathetic, to support you. This is exactly what a Russian woman does if she loves you. She tries to please you, to distract you. Don’t get frustrated. All men are bastards, but you. It drives her crazy, when something bothers you or someone offends you. She just wants to make you safe and happy again.

4. She never hurts you intentionally.

If during a quarrel she is yelling at you, calling you a bastard and betrayer, just ignore it. She would never say that on purpose. This is love. Quarrels happen. Another thing is if she does it with a soft tone and blames you for something intentionally.

5. She does not abuse or humble you.

A loving Russian woman would never abuse or humble her man, especially in front of his friends, relatives or business partners. There simply is no way she can abuse you, according to her worldview. She doesn’t use such words as an idiot, fool, loser unless she is in a really bad mood and does it unintentionally. And even then she feels guilty because she loves you and didn’t mean to.

6. A private space.

If your woman accepts the fact that you may invade her privacy and is okay with that, she loves you. The private space means different things here. For example, when you touch her hair or cheeks without permission; or if you suddenly have a bite of her ice-cream; or if you remove her cell out of her purse. If she is okay with that, she does love you. Besides, this often means she has nothing to hide from you (which is great, actually. Trust and honesty – are essential for any relationships).

7. Jealousy.

In most cases, being jealous is a bad thing. Although, when you wonder whether a Russian woman loves you, it may be a sign. Imagine, you catch a glam while talking to her female friend; you gave a help a female stranger and have no idea what made her so angry – this is jealousy. The thing is that she is in love with you simply doesn’t want to share you with anyone.

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